Being Accountable

One of the discussion questions for week two was "how you would live your life if you lived from a consciousness I am responsible for everything?" Kimberly, our Youth coordinator and Administrative Assistant made a slight adjustment to this question by adding responsible for how I react to everything. I think this maybe makes the statement clearer and probably removes one of the possible ego attacks because we always have a choice on how we react. 
     The question then becomes what takes us away from our choice to be responsible for how we react? What are the consequences to how we live our lives and our relationships. What is the eventual cost to us and the world? How do we hold ourselves, and others, accountable without falling into the trap of guilt and shame? 
     These are all tricky questions for which there are no easy answers to. I know, at least for me, part of my spiritual journey is struggling with these questions and to wake up to my responses and what I am creating in my life. It is so easy to fall asleep and react to the experiences of life without thinking. This is a ego trap that allows me to turn into a victim of everyday circumstances and events. How then do I hold myself accountable and responsible for my choices, even when I have fallen asleep to the effects? Good question which I do not have a readymade answer but I do know that when I wake up, and I will wake up, I can use the tools of radical forgiveness to help me let go of my judgments and allow the situation to be transformed.