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You Are Never Alone

This week Gerry Boylan will be speaking on the Advent topic of Love. (For those of you familiar with Advent yes this is out of order). When we speak of awakening to Divine Love this is far greater love then what we, as humans, normally speak of. Divine Love transcends space and time. It exceeds the love one may have for family or partner. It even exceeds the love one may have for a child, though the love of a child probably is the closest we come in our human experience to Divine Love.

Walk by Faith

Recently I reread Richard Bach's Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Great book, easy read, filled with principles and spiritual teachings. When the student failed at one of his exercises and said I just don't have enough Faith, the Reluctant Messiah told him it had nothing to do with Faith it was about Imagination. Hate to disagree with the Messiah it is both/and, thank you to the YOU for that language.

Life Happens

One of the things I have realize as I both get older and continue my spiritual journey is how little I actually know and this is a good thing. Thinking I know blocks me from ever deeper awareness or possibilities. When I was younger I thought I knew everything. In seminary I thought I knew the Truth with the capital T. The further along the road I go the more I realize that I only get a glimpse of the ultimate Truth and what I experience as truth or knowing is simply a perception and point of view in the moment.

Reflectin on Self

 I spent some time reflecting on the talk I gave last week about inclusivity with self. The idea of living from my truth and of my being and stripping away the masks and false beliefs. Lots of stuff to strip away without being hard on myself and falling into shame. Seems like the work just continues and that is the good news.

Who is the "Other"

The fundamental principle of inclusivity is that we are all connected. We may look different, worship different, sound different, believe this differently. You get the picture. These so called differences do not change the fundamental fact that we are all connected. This is the 1st and 2nd Unity principles. There is only God and we, humans along with the rest of creation, are part of God, even though we just don't always express. The core teaching is oneness. Oneness is foundational and inextricably links us together.

Lean into the Anxiety

The Board of Trustees and Staff acknowledge that there is a lot of things happening at Unity of Louisville that may be causing anxiety. For many, our fall program alone has brought up many issues. There is the talk of moving verses renovation. We have experienced vandalism which for some, including me, makes me feel like I have somehow been violated. The neighborhood issues and homelessness seems to be more pronounced and dare I say in our face.

The Challenge of Inclusivity

The world can be a challenging place to live. I know this sounds funny but it is true. People, events, conditions can be a challenge to us. If you are like me you will use one of two strategies to make the world seem safer and easier to live in. You can retreat and pretend the rest of the world and its issues do not affect you or concern you. This is a spiritual bypass. The other is, and we do this quite unconsciously, we surround ourselves only with people who look, sound, and think like me.

Sounds of Silence

This week we continue our series the Summers of Love focusing on another classic, The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Sounds of Silence, at least for me, brings back many fond memories. In the series we focus not simply on the beauty and memories the song provokes but what meanings and lessons we can gleam from the words and feelings.

Get Together

We continue our music series, the summers of Love, this week using one of the most iconic and seminal songs of the 60's; Get Together by the Youngbloods. Get Together really exemplified the best thinking of the era.


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