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Lean into the Anxiety

The Board of Trustees and Staff acknowledge that there is a lot of things happening at Unity of Louisville that may be causing anxiety. For many, our fall program alone has brought up many issues. There is the talk of moving verses renovation. We have experienced vandalism which for some, including me, makes me feel like I have somehow been violated. The neighborhood issues and homelessness seems to be more pronounced and dare I say in our face.

The Challenge of Inclusivity

The world can be a challenging place to live. I know this sounds funny but it is true. People, events, conditions can be a challenge to us. If you are like me you will use one of two strategies to make the world seem safer and easier to live in. You can retreat and pretend the rest of the world and its issues do not affect you or concern you. This is a spiritual bypass. The other is, and we do this quite unconsciously, we surround ourselves only with people who look, sound, and think like me.

Sounds of Silence

This week we continue our series the Summers of Love focusing on another classic, The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Sounds of Silence, at least for me, brings back many fond memories. In the series we focus not simply on the beauty and memories the song provokes but what meanings and lessons we can gleam from the words and feelings.

Get Together

We continue our music series, the summers of Love, this week using one of the most iconic and seminal songs of the 60's; Get Together by the Youngbloods. Get Together really exemplified the best thinking of the era.

Living in Principle

Simple thought for today. Have you ever wondered why the tortoise beat the Hare in the race. If this was fantasy football not many people would have drafted the tortoise. To slow, not athletic enough, doesn't fit the mold we are looking for. All of that may be true.

The times they are a changin

Every year at the end of summer we have a special worship series focusing on the music. In the past, we have done a series on the metaphysics of the Beatles, Disney Films, Broadway musicals, and one of my favorites a remembrance of times past in honor of Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday. This year's theme in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival we are doing the Summer of Love.

The mystic is not so special

I have always said I have a curious mind and wanted to share with you something I thought was facinating. Recently I was reading a fascinating article written by a man who is a neurologist with a Dr. of Ministry. The subject was neuropsycholgical mysticism. This is a new field of brain studies. Many of you may have read the book by Jill Bolte Taylor "My Stroke of Insight" which is at the forefront of the new field. It started with the study, in the 60's, of individuals who had left brain strokes.

Thinking makes it so

This week we continue our series The Foundations of New Thought with a talk titled Thinking Makes It So. This is a foundational Unity teaching. The world does not happen to me but through me or as me. I am co-creator of the world I see and experience based on the thoughts and emotions I hold, the beliefs I have, and the actions I take. This is Unity's 3rd Principle. Simple not always easy to claim.

Forgiveness in the age of outrage

We continue the series Foundations of New Thought exploring the basic idea of who we really are, a statement of our being. We are born in the image and likeness of God, our very essence is Divine; therefore, we are inherently good. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all know this and yet how very seldom any of us act in a manner that even closely resembles this fact and that is ok. We are on a spiritual journey and as the 12 steps tells us we strive for spiritual practice not spiritual perfection.


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