Creating New Habits

I had an interesting experience in the Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremonies this year. What came up in the Burning Bowl was to let go of wisdom and knowledge and my White Stone was get over it. I had to sit in all of this for a bit, chew on it, and try to discover what Spirit was trying to guide me to. Let go of wisdom get over what? Probably myself and all my internal stories that limit me was one of the ideas that came to me. One of the things I have done as a result is add a number of new spiritual disciplines to my daily practices. One discipline in particular has been especially insightful, so far.
There is a little book by Og Mondino called the Greatest Salesman in the World. It has nothing to do with being a salesman or business it is about ways of being in the world. It is a series of 10 disciplines that have the potential to change and transform the reader. The process is to read the first scroll, practice or way of being, three times a day for thirty days and then move on to the next. I have adjusted this to twice a day but I journal each time about what I am reading and what is calling to me. 
The first scroll or lesson was "I will create new habits and be slaves to them." I balked at this idea of becoming a slave to my habits. I resisted and argued for the first few days but stay focused and committed to the practice because remember I needed to let go of what I think I know and get over it. I slowly came to realize I have always been a slave to my habits but was not conscious of what those habits were. If things did not go the way I expected, my habit, then my peace would be disturbed. It was funny because the writer said just that, you have always been a slave to your habits now I get to consciously become aware of these habits and begin to create and live from a new set of habits. 
My journaling revealed in greater details thoughts and behaviors I need to discard. I began to see patterns and discern possible different ways of being. Letting go and moving in a new direction can seem difficult and daunting, at times, but for me the rewards have far outweighed the struggle. One interesting new habit is that no matter what is happening or how busy I get I find time to fulfill my obligation to myself and follow through with the practice; a new habit.