Making Connections

I spent the first part of the week in a retreat for the Great Lakes Unity Regional Board. What a great time of connection. We met in an old Farm house in Northern Indiana which created the space and time for a real time of getting to know each other and connecting while at the same time setting the agenda and direction for the Region in the coming year. I was reminded of the great power and presence available to each of us when we take the time to connect at a deeper level.
One of the conclusions we came to is that many of our smaller spiritual centers, especially those without a credential leader, can often feel alone on an island with little or no connection or support. We collectively made the decision to reach out, connect, and offer to support and serve those who are under represented by our region and national organization. Drawing upon the collective wisdom and skill found within the region we will proactively reach out, in a variety of ways, to all Unity ministries and leaders and actively seek how we can be of service. To truly create Unity in Unity. Now there is a concept to explore.
Thinking about this idea for our own community and developing strategies to reach those who may be in alignment with our teachings but for what ever reason are not yet being served by our community. This may be how to reach out and connect with those who may in the past attended and for what ever reason stopped. It may be to reach out to those because of distance may not feel able to or willing to travel. It may be better use of technology for those who gain much of the connection through the various media. This is an area to continue to explore, for me individually and for our staff and community collectively. This will help us better achieve our goal of inclusivity for all. Stay tuned as I will over the coming weeks and months share ideas, insights and ways we can all participate to reach the greatest number of people with our transformative message.