Making the ego my friend

Making the ego a friend is such an unusual topic. It is easy to fall into the dualistic thinking that ego consciousness is somehow a lesser consciousness or in many cases the enemy. I know there are times my small self, my ego based self, can fall into despair and negative thinking. This especially happens when I place my attention outside myself and focus on the events of the world. This has me spinning into thoughts and ideas that can certainly support the idea that the ego consciousness is somehow to blame and the ego is my enemy. And, in many ways it is.
     But, to look as the ego as the enemy contributes to a victim consciousness. When I can look at the ego as my friend and in service of my higher good I can move away from a consciousness that something is happening to me or us and instead loom for how this serves me. The ego is my friend when I am able to keep it in service to the higher good. The ego helps me shape my identity and function in the world. It becomes the enemy when I think that I am my ego and that is all I am.