Power and Presence with Martha Creek

Speaker: Martha Creek

Affirmation: I have the power to create my world

Meditation: Martha Creek  Daily Word: Mary McDonald  Music:  John Gage

Synopsis: There is a place for "The Work" in all realms. As it lives fully and fuller, life/death/disease/the full spectrum ---- all become alot sweeter/friendlier and easier to navigate.  The Work is gentle, loving and profoundly liberating. Through facilitating "The Work", Martha loves how the exploration of mind can be extremely exciting, instead of backbreaking, painstaking or something to dread or fear.

I don’t try to “Love What Is”, I don’t even like what is most of the time, however, I am rarely a victim of what is and then it doesn’t last as long anymore.  

"It is most wonderful when days, weeks, months, years have passed following a "piece" of doing "The Work", and the boulder has rolled so far away, that it is not even remembered any longer. It is truly awesome to witness the Deep Work by those who are "new" and those who are consciously ridding themselves of the worst of the worst all in the same workshop. I love that all work with clients provides me the mirror for my own work." 

Come and experience this tried and true tool for self realization.   You deserve to life a liberated life.