Release and Let Go

 I have been reflecting this week on the November Power of elimination or renunciation as we get close to finishing up the year. The power of elimination/renunciation is the ability to release, remove, denounce, deny, let go. It is the ability to let go and release anything that no longer serves our highest good. This is the power we activate in our annual Burning Bowl Ceremony. The ability to release and let go is good but I have found not always easy.
     Eliminating things is easy. I make a choice and let it go. I am rarely if ever attached to stuff. Maybe a couple of paintings that are dear to me but even those I could easily let go if going to the right person. Letting go and releasing long held beliefs now that is another thing. They seem to be part of me but in reality they have no more value than the stuff I own. If I find an attitude or belief no longer serves me I should simply let it go but it seems far more ingrained in my consciousness.
     To start it would seem I have to make the belief or attitude wrong or bad in order to release it. In fact the belief is just a belief and it served my highest good for, quite often, decades. But, as my awareness and consciousness expands the belief may now stand as a barrier to my continued growth. This does not make it bad or wrong it simply no longer serves my highest good. Seeing from this point of view allows me to release not only the belief but the judgement about the belief.
      The Radical Forgiveness process assist me in releasing old hurts and judgments. I begin to see that the experiences I am holding on to and refusing to forgive and let go are in fact gifts that I have called to me to assist my healing and spiritual growth. I easily, in the past, would forgive others, or least I thought I did, but would struggle forgiving myself. 
    What I have discovered is that I did not so much forgive and let go as I buried the experience so I would no longer have to deal with it. My consciousness though knows what I fail to understand and would provide me ample opportunities to heal, forgive and let go. The old saying is God is so good and loves us so much that when we are ready to take the next step on our spiritual journey God will provide all the opportunities to heal the belief and attitudes that are holding us back. It does not always feel good but if I am open, ready. and receptive I am able to make quantum leaps in my consciousness.