Sunday Services

Unity of Louisville's past services:  Audio and Video

9:00am - Silent Unity Meditation Service

A perfect way to begin your week. The Silent Unity Prayer Service is a contemplative service that centers us in the presence and power of God. Every prayer service begins by affirming the truth of God's perfect life and love at work now and for the highest good of all. This service offers a deeper meditation in silence, music and prayer. It is uniquely different from our 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service.

11:00am - Sunday Celebration Service 

Date: October 14th

Talk: The Challenge of Inclusivity

Speaker: Rev Valerie Mansfield

Meditation: Rev Ray Nelson

Daily Word: Robert Bagley

Synopsis: The world can often be a challenging place to live. Inclusivity means we can experience connection, interaction, and community with everyone, including potential adversaries. We can learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

Date: October 21st

Talk: Connection and Disconnection With Self

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Robin Nelson

Daily Word: William Driscoll

Synopsis: When we are living our true authentic self we see the truth of our brothers and sisters holding them accountable for their actions without holding them in judgment and use each moment as a moment to reveal more about ourselves we need to heal. When we disconnect from our true selves we judge and condemn seeing other people as others.

Date: October 28th

Talk: Who Is The Other

Speaker: Troubadours of Divine Bliss

Meditation: Troubadours of Divine Bliss

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder

Synopsis: The other is anyone you see as separate. The other is anyone you judge and see as less then whole. The other is the one you would condemn as you judge and persecute them. In truth there is no other there is only one in the multiplicity of forms.

Date: November 4th

Talk: Building and Inclusive Community

Speaker: Gerry Boylan

Meditation: Rev Gwen Moser

Daily Word: Deloris Morton

Synopsis: In practical terms community and social inclusivity is defined on how we govern behavior for the benefit of all. Community inclusivity does not favor one group over another. This means developing ways to identify, enhance, share power and resource, collaborate, and resolve conflicts.

Date: November 11th

Talk: The Intersection of identity, conflict, and connections

Speaker REv Ray Nelson

Meditation: Rev Valerie Mansfield

Daily Word: Robert Bagley

Synopsis: Conflict, anxiety, and social tensions seem to lie at the heart of the human condition. Yet, we can learn to identify and transcend the conflict. There is ample evidence that the ability to transcend conflict is so deeply ingrained in humanity that it may very well be part of our genetic make-up. We need only identify it and take the steps necessary to strengthen what is already available to us.