Sunday Services

9:00am - Silent Unity Meditation Service

A perfect way to begin your week. The Silent Unity Prayer Service is a contemplative service that centers us in the presence and power of God. Every prayer service begins by affirming the truth of God's perfect life and love at work now and for the highest good of all. This service offers a deeper meditation in silence, music and prayer. It is uniquely different from our 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service.

11:00am - Sunday Celebration Service 

Theme: The Creative Process

Date: July 23

Title: A Beginning Point

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Rev Gwen Moser

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder

Music Carly Johnson

Synopsis: On the second day God said 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.'" In the creative process, there must be a time when the Divine Ideas begin to take shape in the realm of infinite possibilities.


Date: July 30       Title: The Power of Imagination

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Jacque Saltsman

Daily Word: Chuck Fulner

Music: Judy Palsmeier

Synopsis: On the third day God said "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear” The power of imagination allows us to make choices as we continue to move forward in the creative process. The Divine Mind narrows the unlimited possibilities to possible workable solutions.


August Power: Will    Affirmation: I choose my good based on spiritual understanding.

Theme: The Creative Process

Date: August 6       Title: Focusing the Action

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Lisa Wilbanks

Daily Word: Mary McDonald

Special Music: Douglas Bluefeather  Song Leader:  Brian Monsanto

Synopsis: On the fourth day "God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night." The Divine Light of creation but in this 4th step we begin to focus the light for clarity and purpose. Like a laser, it is our focused attention that allows the concentrated light to work. Charles Fillmore describes this as the use of will and understanding.


Date: August 13      Title: Tangible Results

Speaker: Rev Valerie Mansfield

Meditation: Rev Ray Nelson

Daily Word: Robert Bagley

Special Music:Colette Delaney   Song Leader: Deb Reinhart-Brocious

Synopsis: On the fifth day God said, 'Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.'"  The creative ideas begin to take shape and have substance. The results begin to be tangible.


Date: August 20    Title: Clear, Focused, and Fully Formed

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Rev. Gwen Moser

Daily Word: William Driscoll

Special Music: TBA  Song Leader: Gloria Berry

Synopsis: On the sixth day God said 'Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind,' ... And God created man in his own image." In the realm of the creative process the results become clear, focused, and fully formed.


Date: August 27      Title: No Resistance

Speaker: Gerry Boylan

Meditation: Rev Ray Nelson

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder

Special Music: John Gage  Song Leader Deb Reinhart-Brocious

Synopsis: On the seventh day God rested. Now is the time to take a moment and stop, without the resistance or the pushing and allow the idea to come to fruition and express itself in the material world.