On the 7th day He rested

We conclude our series Sunday with the 7th day of creation "and on the seventh day he rested." I have a curious mind and an endless amount of energy. I have always, in the past, been someone who had multiple projects in process and a task list a mile long. I would only do one thing at a time but when bored simply jump to a new project or task. Self-care and rest seemed to be something I read in a boom but not particularly relevant to who I was.
     For example, in seminary people said I took on to much, that I needed to slow down and take care. I went to school full time, was the Youth Ed director for Unity of Independence, Work overnights at Silent Unity, and was the Vice-President of the student association. I wonder, often, what to do with all my free time. Self-care is and must be personal to the individual. We are all unique expressions of God and what may be to much for one may seem just right or easy to another. There is no normative self-care and all anyone can do is say what works for them. 
      But, I have learned a deeper lesson upon reflection of the creative process. For me it is about taking time to not only to rest but celebrate my accomplishments and to honor them and myself. To take the time, as scripture says, and declare what I have created as good. So often I simply rush to the next task/project and barely acknowledge what I have already accomplished. The deeper issue, for me, is not valuing myself and giving myself permission to honor all I am and do. If I keeping moving and pushing to the next project/task I do not have to take time and recognize my own value and worth. One more layer to work through as I honor myself and my creations and call them all good.