Annual Meeting March 10 2019

Annual Meeting

  • 2018 Minutes 

Unity of Louisville

Minutes of Annual CommUnity Meeting

March 4, 2018

Board members present: Rev Ray Nelson, Chuck Fulner, Mark Flesch, Todd Royer, Donna Dalton, Ginny First, Rev Valerie Mansfield, and Sharron Akin, Acting Secretary. Absent: Peggy Chavers.

Attendance: Approximately 48 congregants, 45 members.

Chuck called the meeting to order and Rev Ray opened the meeting with prayer.

The meeting guidelines were read by Ginny and the board members were introduced. Chuck Fulner, President, Mark Flesch, Vice-President and outgoing member, Todd Royer, Treasurer and outgoing member, Peggy Chavers, Secretary, Ginny First, Member-at-large, Donna Dalton, Member-at-large, Reverend Ray, and Reverend Val. Chuck appointed Todd as Parliamentarian for purposes of this meeting.

The minutes from the 2016 annual meeting had previously been emailed and copies were available at this meeting so Chuck asked for any corrections, additions, or deletions. As there were none forthcoming, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Minister’s Report – Rev Ray (See attached)
- Including acknowledgment of our hard working staff, Rev Val, Tobby, Gwen, Dottie, Kimberly, Darren, and Aaron which included persevering many medical challenges for several.
- Report also includes updates on Ongoing Issues, Technology (including the addition of Live Streaming), Technology, Worship, Facility Usage, Special Events, Adult and Youth Ed, which includes our new Licensed Unity Teacher, Carla Knack, joining the staff this summer. Also, Outreach, and Sponsorship.

Minister’s Report – Rev Val (See attached)
- We have approximately 247 members, plus approximately 241 regular attendees who are not members.
Sacred Service Team
- 180 out of 400 volunteers do one or more hours for a total of 6,755.8 hours
- All volunteers are invited to Volunteer Appreciation event on Friday, March 9th.
Adult Education
- 68 per week average class attendance



Annual CommUnity Meeting, 3-4-18, Page 2

- Up to 110/week so far in 2018
  - Four Agreements in depth
- Let Val know of any ideas for other classes
  - Summer and January are best class attendance
Youth & Familiy
- Dedicated staff – Dottie, Kim, and Darren
  - 2017 weekly average – 19
  - Average of 20-23 so far for 2018

Treasurer’s Report – Todd Royer (See attached)
Todd expressed bittersweet feelings about leaving the board and grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn more about Unity principles.
Budget Summary Highlights:
- Extremely generous congregation with time, talent, and treasures
- Unity Foundation provides “safety net”
- Effective management of expenses has allowed investments in services and programs
- Income not consistently covering building maintenance and tithing (love offering)
- Building maintenance/Improvements
  - Reliance on Unity Foundation non sustainable
  - Continuing to defer building maintenance
  - Planning on Capital Campaign
- Attendance steady, but not appreciably growing

Board Report – Chuck Fulner, President (See attached)
- Strategic planning ongoing
  - April/May to present plans for now and future
  - Need agreement before action taken
- New Facilities Maintenance Team
- Growth Committee
  - Now using Social Media but need volunteers to help out with it
  - We must reach out in order to grow
Committee for Building Rental
- Building needs accessibility
Building Fund
- $5,500 was used to repair the elevator


  Annual CommUnity Meeting, 3-4-18, Page 3

  - Building fund now depleted
Volunteer Activity
- The volunteers keep Unity of Louisville running
  - Please come to the appreciation dinner on March 9th.

Election of New Board Members

Donna read the by-laws (Section 4.04a) and Chuck introduced the following nominees:

Donna Dalton for Member at Large – Chuck Fulner made motion, seconded by Alan Scherer, with unanimous approval.

Jacque Saltsman for Member at Large – Peter Knack made motion, seconded by Melvin Jensen, with unanimous approval.

Dave Fralick as Alternate Member – Faith made motion, seconded by Tony, with unanimous approval.

Nominating Committee

Mark read the by-laws for the Nominating Committee and the floor opened for nominations.
- Donna moved to nominate Sue Riecker as primary member; seconded by Dottie.
- Alan nominated John Russell as alternate member; seconded by Carla/Dave.
Both were unanimously approved.

New Business
Chuck called for any new business from the floor – none forthcoming.
- The date for the May CommUnity meeting to be announced.  The board is waiting on the final input from the building assessment update.
- The other 2018 CommUnity meeting dates are:
  - Sunday, July 8
  - Sunday October 7                 

Chuck expressed much appreciation for the commitment and services of outgoing board members:
- Mark Flesch who served six years – two as president and two as vice-president
- and Todd Royer who served five years as treasurer
There was a rousing standing ovation of appreciation. They will definitely be missed.

Annual CommUnity Meeting, 3-4-18, Page 4

Chuck, as board president, called for recognition of the current staff, anyone who has ever been on staff, anyone previously served on the board, and anyone who has ever volunteered in any capacity. Also, Chuck conveyed his personal appreciation for the opportunity to be of service on the board and as board president.

Chuck also called for recognition of Rev Ray and Rev Val who each give more than 110% to the daily continuing operation of our church. There was a resounding applause of appreciation.

No further new business for discussion at this time, the meeting was concluded. Alan made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Donna, with unanimous approval.

Rev Ray closed with prayer.

The next Annual Meeting will be March 2019.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharron Akin, Acting Secretary