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Inclusion-Mental Health Awarness

This month we are highlighting our value of inclusion through the lens of mental health. Mental health issues are difficult to spot from the outside and even more difficult from the inside. The issues that are frequently diagnosed are the normal condition for the person who has the experience. I have more than once, heard people tell me they don’t want to take their meds because they don’t feel right. It doesn’t feel normal. I have to point out that their normal is the situation the meds are trying to alleviate.

Ester Nicholson-Soul Recovery

Ester Nicholson-Soul Recovery

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Ester survived the ravages of addiction to discover something truly extraordinary: How to transform dependence into power. Soul Recovery lives at the nexus if the 12 Steps of Recovery and oft-considered concepts and practices including : meditation, life transforming inner-child and forgiveness work and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping.

Make Joy a Habit

This week we continue our exploration of the Legends of Unity focusing on May Rowland. Ms Roland was the 2nd director of Silent Unity replacing Myrtle Fillmore in 1915 and holding the position until 1971. Ms. Rowland was raised in Unity from the earliest days working closely with the Fillmore's and starting at Silent Unity right out of high school. Sunday Rev Ray will be speaking on the idea of make joy a habit. 

Giving Grace where Grace is called for

I have been thinking a lot about the divisiveness and constant level of outrage and judgment we experience every day. I thought I would take this space and clear some ideas that have been percolating in my head. To be clear I am not asking anything other than, possibly, maybe I/we will stop and think before jumping to conclusions and give things time and space to become clear. I will at least create the conditions for more peace and serenity in my life.

Give Peace a Chance

Every week we close our service with the Peace Song. We have made an adjustment in the song from “let there be peace on earth” to an affirmation of “now there is peace on earth.” We claim this is something happening now not in some distant future where things are different, but now. But, do we think of these words as we go through our daily lives or do, we just give lip service to the words. It is so easy to sing the words and forget about their meaning later when we come up against circumstances or conditions we do not like.

Family Diversity

My name is Leah Zellers, and I’m the grateful mama to four-year-old Elle.  I am co-parenting Elle joyfully with BJ, a man to which I was once married, and out of a bond that was broken, a new and beautiful relationship emerged.

Family takes many forms

Our diversity theme for the month of July is family make-up and structure. Family is an interesting topic to think of, from a diversity point of view. We all come from a family. Some of us came from families that were warm and nurturing and give us warm memories. Some came from families that were at some level dysfunctional (really most of us) and everything in between, but we all come from a family.

Building Update

Building Update

On Friday July 19th the Board of Trustees formally accepted the final draft proposal for the purchase of the Melbourne Heights Baptist Church on Taylorsville Road. There are still issues to be worked out primarily financing and planning and implementing the move.

Purchase of Melbourne Heights

Staying Present

I have found that life will give us many opportunities to practice staying present and mindful. The ego and the human side of my consciousness will always be trying to pull me away from the moment. My ego seems to like drama. Maybe I am unique in this, I really don’t know. But, as I have aged I have begun to learn my triggers that will drive me, like a NASCAR on a straightway, to a place in consciousness, of drama or regret. I find it interesting that when my peace is disturbed I am not present with where I am.


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