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Leave the Past Behind

Rev Val did a brilliant job last week, for those who were in church or watched the Facebook feed, of honoring the past. It is important to honor the past, both the good and the not so good and to learn from the past. Winston Churchill is famously quoted as saying “Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.” In recovery the first nine steps are all about reviewing the past and learning and healing whatever needs to be learned and healed from the past. But, there is a time to let the past go.

Honoring the Past

This week we will continue to explore the theme of life in transitions. Last week, on Sunday, I talked about the idea there comes a point in life where what has worked in the past no longer serves the highest good. It is a time to choose a new path and transition to new ways of being and doing in the world. One of the things I have found that supports my decision in choosing a different path is to honor the past and the choices I made.

Paradox of Change

Change is one of the very few constants in our lives. From the moment we are born to the day we die we are in a constant state of change. Cells die and are renewed. Babies transition to infants, to toddlers, to teenagers, and on it goes. Each stage and each moment brings us to a new place in the physical world but in our spiritual world as well. We are in a ever changing time of transition.

Inclusion Corner

It is with great honor and privilege, that I have been ask to offer my thoughts on inclusion as we prepare for Black History Month. 

As someone who has been on this "Spiritual" path for over 20 years. I have come to identify myself as a Spiritual Being, having a very temporary human experience.

Conscious Relationships

One of the typical issues ministers, myself included, face when counseling congregants is relationship issues. Interestingly I see relationships as a perfect laboratory to do our spiritual work. Rev Pat Williamson, my mentor, use to tell me that it is easy to be spiritual in a cave, though I often struggle with myself when alone. We are always in relationship with people, institutions, organizations, etc.

Honor your Feelings

Sunday is the White stone Ceremony. The White Stone is the 2nd step to the Burning Bowl. With the Burning Bowl we release what no longer serves us and with the White Stone we set, with Spirits guidance, a clear intention for the coming year. The intention is not so much what we will do but the beingness from which all our doing will flow. This is a conscious decision to how we, as spiritual being want to live our lives.

Potential New Spiritual Home

History of the search

When the Board received the estimated costs of renovating and expanding our current facility, $4.2 million, it was their decision, as the fiduciary representative of the church, to enter into a search for a possible new location to present to the congregation that may better meet our needs and be more cost effective. It was their belief that to give the members options was in the best interest of the community. To that end we contracted with Charlotte Hollkamp, Mark Helms business partner, to guide us in the search.

Speaking Unity

Quick easy way to describe Unity to those who ask without getting into jargon or theology. Adapt for yourself.

1. Unity is based in prayer and healing with the goal of helping each individual on their spiritual journey. We believe that every person is connected and whole-we are One.


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