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Living and Being Joy

Today, the outer experience many are facing creates a reflection of fear, unrest, grief, and scarcity consciousness. The darkness and chaos seem to be all around with little light shining through. Grief is one feeling many are expressing. The grief of daily life which many have created and the virus continuing has impacted the course of careers, education for self, and/or children.

Prayers for Harmony, Peace, and Love

Let us take a moment in the silence and pray. Pray for our city to release the anger, frustration, and sadness we are feeling and seeing unfold on our streets. We know our thoughts, words, and actions are important today and every day as we continue to support all those in the greater community. Last night, I did open the church for the protesters to rest, get water, pray, cry, and be at peace for a moment.

Season of Change

The leaves are beginning to fall, the morning air is crisper and the days are shorter. Another season ends as we continue to take steps to be healthy and whole six months into a global pandemic. Our individual and collective lives continue to shift as we navigate new ways of life.
Fall is a great time to find beauty in nature to soothe our spirits.

From Fear to Faith

We welcome you to join thousands worldwide on September 9–10, 2020, for the 27th annual World Day of Prayer as we unite heart and mind with people from around the globe to affirm:
Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.


Is Listening Really Important?

Listening is a skill we each have to practice. It’s vitally important for both our inner and outer world relationships. This Sunday, Rev. Gwen Moser will lead us in understanding the value of really listening to each other. Deb Reinhardt Brocious and John Spencer will bless us with their musical talents.
Our inner voice is our guiding light when developed it leads us to our higher self-awareness and allows us to move forward knowing we are serving our greater good. When we really listen in our outer relationships with compassion we find opportunities for growth.

Creative Force of God

The root of life is the creative force of God.  Humanity is the existence of God. Most of humanity is asleep to this Truth.  They spend a lifetime seeking to fill the emptiness, the feeling of being incomplete or unloved. Those who awaken to the inner guidance of Spirit can go within and heal the inner child. Self-love radiates and heals the mind, body, and spirit. 

Another Way to See the World

There are many facets to a diamond, which shines light in many directions. Human experiences have created the world we live in today. We can see the world through our own limited viewpoint. Or, we can choose to expand our vision through interactions with those who are different from us. Perspective is in the eye of the beholder.

Living with Awareness

Awakening to our individual spiritual awareness allows us to align our choices from Christ within, to the center of our being. Until we are spiritually aware we wander through the daily mechanics of "living" without knowing our Truth. As we grow spiritually we strengthen our ability to make conscious choices.  


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