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Life in the Pandemic

The last 10 months of living in a worldwide health pandemic created major lifestyle changes for everyone. We are unable to gather with family and friends or worship together. Many loved ones have been ill, many more have died, and grief is part of our daily life. The economic impact on many folks has been extremely devastating. We have seen social injustice played out daily. Now we have civil unrest once again in our country, family, and friends standing against each other. 

Prayers for America

This is a sad historical time in America. For the second time, our country is divided politically, and morally. In Unity, we know we are all unique individuals with various beliefs, values, and political views. We know that we all are One seeking to find the Truth for all folks to live a joy-filled, peaceful life.  As many have heard me say, there is no right or wrong, there is where we are in the moment and our next step forward to grow and change. Many mistakes from both political sides contributed to yesterday’s chaos.

Celebrating the Awakening of Christ Consciousness

Dear One,
We are celebrating the awakening of our Christ Consciousness. Let us all take a moment to reflect on the good we received this year. We know as we continue on our spiritual journey we are truly blessed even with the huge challenges we have moved through. When we activate our twelve facilities, we stand in faith with strength and wisdom - we activate the I AM. With power, we use our imagination with understanding and will. Divine Order in our life allows for zeal as we eliminate all which no longer serves us.

Prayer of Gratitude

I am profoundly grateful for the founders of Unity of Louisville, Effie Bernstein and seven other women. They saw the light and manifested the vision to shine their light, 110 years ago. Their forward thinking is a great gift to each of us. 
The community ebbed and flowed through the years.  In 1957, the community decided to purchase a spiritual home to accommodate the growing congregation.

Living and Being Joy

Today, the outer experience many are facing creates a reflection of fear, unrest, grief, and scarcity consciousness. The darkness and chaos seem to be all around with little light shining through. Grief is one feeling many are expressing. The grief of daily life which many have created and the virus continuing has impacted the course of careers, education for self, and/or children.


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