Boldly stepping into tomorrow...together

This is exciting times. Sometimes, I don't know about you but I think why did we ever take this step and complicate our lives in such a manner. I then remember the vision and mission of the church and community is not to play it safe but to transform lives and see the infinite possibilities available for everyone. I remember that, as a community, we are up to big things and that the steps we take today have the possibility of shifting the paradigm of the planet, one person at a time. I remember the young lady who came to me with tears in her eyes thanking me not just for the message but for the community of love and support we have created her. She had never felt welcome or deserving and in us she found a place where she could feel ok just where she was. That, for me, is the motivation to keep moving forward.

Sunday we get to collectively make our commitments to our new home and evolving vision. Now is the time to prayerfully consider what Spirit/God is asking of you. We live in an abundant universe and it is one of our privileges and joys to give. We are asking you to search your heart and make a commitment over the next two weeks. In prayer ask and feel how Spirit is moving in you and awakening in you a deep connection to what is next on our journey together. The commitment is over three years and can be given in any manner that works best for your situation. There are no big gifts or small gifts only gifts given with Love and vision for what we are creating together. We are boldly stepping into tomorrow…together and Sunday we will ask you to make a commitment and play your part.