Breaking Open

I spoke last week of the many challenges that last year seemed to bring. Challenges individually, collectively, and as a society. Challenges that seemed to strike at the core of my faith and core beliefs. Not a comfortable place to rest  in but what I have found when I am willing to sit in this uncomfortable and often times painful place a new awareness and and even deeper faith can emerge. The quote below reminds me that it is not the darkness I fear but my fear of the dark. It is the stories I make up about the darkness and shadows and then act as if they are true and have power over me.
      It is an interesting feeling to believe you are somehow broken and yet by the willingness to hang in with the feeling to discover you are not broken but broke open. I have spoke often of hanging in there to receive the blessing, for God in in the midst of all things, but there is a real joy when we/I begin to emerge from the darkness into a new sense of self. Funny that my word for the burning bowl was self. I have to let go of the self I have known for a new self to emerge.