Building Update

Building Update
Update on where we stand with the move and everything that goes with the purchase of a new building and moving.
  • The final wording in the purchase agreement and leases has been agreed and signed. Yea God. 
  • With the signed agreement the Board and Building team can start the 90 day process of doing our due diligence and inspecting the property including infrastructure, roof, foundation etc.
  • Pinky Jackson has blessed the church with volunteering her time and expertise in organizing and managing moves such as this. We have begun the process of evaluating each room and space for what we need to take with us and what we need to release. 
  • We have scheduled a time to go to Melbourne Heights to measure, make notes on colors, and really get it clear on where offices and classrooms are to be located. 
  • We have a number of teams already working behind the scenes including: a business team looking at creating a budget for the move; a development team looking at ways to utilize the new facility to bring in additional income; a team look to secure financing for the purchase; a generosity team starting work on a capital campaign to raise the needed funds to purchase and operate the building; a transportation team looking at options of car pooling or renting/purchasing a bus; a decor team looking at colors, office furniture and the aesthetics; a technology team looking at the best technology options for the offices and sanctuary. These are only a few of the teams hard at work planning the move.
  • Finally We have a showing Friday for a potential buyer. Hold that meeting in prayer as this is just one step in the process of releasing our beautiful spiritual home.