building update

  1. On April 10th a group of dedicated volunteers who are managing many of the details of the move toured our new home to take measurements, pictures, and begin the process of mapping out where offices, classrooms and storage will be located. There still is much to do but it is all progressing at an organized and orderly pace.
  2. The Board of trustees signed a contract with a company out of Lexington to do the facility inspection. They will inspect the facility next Tuesday and expect it to take all day. They have made special arrangements to inspect the childcare center after they close in the evening.
  3. Mark your calendar. On April 28th we will kick off our generosity campaign. Rev Steve McSwain, our generosity consultant, will provide the lesson for the Sunday service speaking on the consciousness of generosity. After the service we will have a potluck lunch in the Activity Center and at 2 PM we will caravan over to Melbourne Heights and tour the facility.
  4. May 5th we will hear from Alan Scherer, Kim Bencker, and Jim Wheeler on what Unity has meant in their lives. Giving voice to our own story of the meaning of Unity.
  5. May 12th Mark Helm will speak and tell his story of how Unity and the principles changed his life and empowered him into the life he has today. The principles work if you work them.
  6. April 16th everyone is invited to an advance commitment event to be held in the sanctuary at 7 PM. The advance commitment event will provide the energy and intention to lead us to Commitment Sunday.
  7. April 19th is commitment Sunday. Everyone will be invited to make, at this time, their commitment to the generosity campaign over the next three years. No one is expected to write a check that day for their full commitment only in writing to state their intention for what they plan to contribute.