Celebrating Life Daily

Celebrating Life Daily

Today’s world offers many ways for us to look within ourselves, at our beliefs, thoughts, reactions, and actions. We have been looking at the science and Unity’s thoughts on prayer and creating new or deeper practices over the last 40 days. Moving forward let us continue to build our life through prayer joining in prayer for ourselves, family, friends, and the world.

When we are centered in prayer, we connect with the Divine if we are open and receptive. We learn to listen and follow divine guidance, receiving the answers required to move us and the world forward with peace, love, and justice for all. The guidance shows us the way. When we celebrate daily, we celebrate the divine challenges and gifts.

One of the challenges we are all facing today is racism. I attended a webinar today, “Dismantling Racism: First Steps Toward Action” with Rev. Wendy Purcell and members from The Unity Center – San Diego.  Racism must come out of the darkness and into the light. I am willing to be vulnerable and step into the difficult work our community and the world is required to do right now. If you are willing to join me, send me an email valeriem@unityoflouisville.org and/or look for more information as the groups and conversation begin. The gift we will all receive for the work we are doing is true Oneness.

This Sunday, join me along with Dave Evans & Robbin Goodin our guest musicians and John Spencer our pianist.

Blessings of Love & Wisdom,

Rev. Valerie