Creating Community

One of the things I always ask of first time visitors is "what of all the choices you have on a Sunday morning had you take the time and make the effort to come spend the time with us." I am curious about what the driving forces are that have people come together. I get a variety of answers. Some have recently moved to town and have been members of Unity in other locations and intentionally looked for a Unity church to attend. Some were seeking a place of like ideas to explore their spiritual connection to Source. Some were simply curious. They had heard of Unity but wondered what we were about. Some, like me, are in a recovery program and were seeking a connection to a power greater then themselves that is not served by the more traditional church. These are just a few of the answers I have heard and certainly each of you may have a completely different answer.
      Each of these answers is valid. There is no one thing that has people come to a spiritual community such as Unity. One of the more interesting answers for me, which I have been reflecting on, is that they are searching for a community of like minded folks to be in community with. The spiritual path is a singular path and no one can walk the path of another. But, I have found, it is more fun and helpful to walk with others on the path. Walking the path alone provides little feedback and support when the times become challenging.
      The spiritual journey we teach at Unity is not always a straight paved road. In fact the farther along the path I go, it seems, the rockier the path becomes. Remember the ego does not easily let go. Life happens and it is in community that we find the support, encouragement, compassion, and at times the metaphysical slap in the head to simply get over ourselves. On my own I find it difficult to see the forest for the trees.
      I was talking with someone whose mother had recently made her transition. She brought her sister to her community to introduce her. The head of the community said they were organizing a spiritual service for her to support in her grief. He said she is family. That is community. I love the teachings, the lessons and classes, the meditation and prayer but it is the community that makes it all come alive. The building is beautiful and the staff is dedicated but it is the community that makes the church and I am blessed to be part of it.