From Fear to Faith

We welcome you to join thousands worldwide on September 9–10, 2020, for the 27th annual World Day of Prayer as we unite heart and mind with people from around the globe to affirm:
Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.


Guiding Prayer 2020: With a soft, inward gaze and a gentle breath, I recognize the light of Spirit that is my source and true nature. Focused on the light, I look with kindness upon fears and worries, for they urge me to harness my great power of faith. By faith, I dare to see what cannot be seen by human eyes but exists as surely as the sun exists behind a cloud. I trust in universal goodness, so much so that I rest deeply in the peace of spiritual assurance. I remain faithful during times when my human brain cannot envision the magnificent possibilities of a healthful life, harmonious love, or boundless prosperity. Moving from fear to faith, I see my life through spiritual eyes. I trust my divine identity as the greatest reality, and I live in joyous expectation.
We are here today to affirm this not only for ourselves. We affirm this for every soul everywhere. We face our challenges knowing Spirit guides us to the right and perfect solutions where we can live as One. We have the opportunity today to begin anew in a new direction. The direction to see Black live Matter and we take steps for our leaders to resolve the challenges regarding Breonna Taylor's death. We see our city leaders speaking with the family compassionately and empathetically and working to ensure no other families experience tragedy through our error thinking. We send prayers of strength and courage to all the families who have experienced injustice in our community. We send compassion and understanding and ask for forgiveness. Today is the day we move from fear and stand in our Faith together we find the common ground for us to move forward with a system of justice for all.
We see justice and equality existing in the heart of every soul. Life is a gift and we honor the life of each person no matter their race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or any other difference which makes us a unique expression in the universe. 
Let us affirm together: 

Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.

We each act and commit to treating each other as a loving expression of humanity. We gather in prayer for the guidance to find the right and perfect answers to the challenges we face today. 
And so it is. Amen.