free from Desire

This week we continue our study of Gerry Boylan's book Christ in Training with the topic of non-attachment. All spiritual traditions have a version of this teaching. Probably the best known is the Buddhist version that states that our attachments are our source of suffering and pain. This is not new it is in the application that we struggle.

It seems so easy. For myself, I am seldom attached to stuff or material things so I live under the illusion that I have this teaching handled. But challenge one of my belief, or a thought, or even one of my stories and we are probably in for a bit of conflict. Seems I still have a bit of work to do. I do like a line out of the Big Book of AA. Our goal is spiritual practice not spiritual perfection. I am willing to practice and become aware and take action knowing I still have more work to do. I do not let the fact that I fall short keep me from continuing to do my work. To give in is a tool of the ego.