Give Paece a Chance

Every week we close our service with the Peace Song. We have made an adjustment in the song from “let there be peace earth” to an affirmation of “now there is peace on earth.” We claim this is something happening now not in some distant future where things are different, but now. But, do we think of these words as we go through our daily lives or do, we just give lip service to the words. It is so easy to sing the words and forget about their meaning later when we come up against circumstances or conditions we do not like. I am not taking anyone’s inventory but my own because I know how often I can be consumed with thoughts that are anything but peaceful. Try driving to Kansas City in light rain, as I did Thursday, and check-in with your peaceful meter.

I remember listening to John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and others sing “all we are saying is give peace a chance.” We have tried manipulation, control, aggression, retribution, and other strategies for thousands of years. Maybe it is time to, at least, try something different. Maybe it is time to, at least, become aware of our thoughts and begin to shift them to a consciousness of peace, love, harmony, and forgiveness. I know some of you reading this are really good at this and maybe it is time for the rest of us to follow, instead of leading the way. No big revelation here just some quiet time musing on the idea of giving peace a chance. I will do my part when I remember and am awake and I encourage, in these very divisive times, to look beyond the external to the deeper truth and let peace prevail on earth.