History of New Thought & Unity

The foundations of Unity as a contemporary movement are explored in its roots in Transcendentalism, Christian Science, and New Thought. Students explore Unity's history and original cultural milieu. They have the opportunity to consider the possibilities of Unity as an evolving cultural phenomenon. This historical exploration includes exposure to ideas, beliefs, and philosophies of the main "architects" of this stream of spiritual thought that in some ways has connections back to antiquity. The class is available for SEE credit.

This is a Google Meet course. Meet link will be emailed to you upon registration.

Love offering.

Course Materials:

Moncrieff, April. The Principles of New Thought: Tracing Spiritual Truth from The Source to The Soul. Camarillo, CA: DeVorss Publications, 2013.

Shepherd, Thomas, Friends in High Places. Unity Village, MO: Unity Books, 1985.

Vahle, Neal. The Unity Movement: Its Evolution and Spiritual Teachings. Philadelphia, PA: Templeton Press, 2002.





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