Honor your Feelings

Sunday is the White stone Ceremony. The White Stone is the 2nd step to the Burning Bowl. With the Burning Bowl we release what no longer serves us and with the White Stone we set, with Spirits guidance, a clear intention for the coming year. The intention is not so much what we will do but the beingness from which all our doing will flow. This is a conscious decision to how we, as spiritual being want to live our lives.

One of the things I have become aware of over the years when intentionally releasing and creating a new intent for how I live my life is the importance of honoring the feelings and emotions I may have. When we release parts of the past, especially those that may be part of our family history or community culture that may have served me well for years, is my emotional response to the release. I may have sadness, feelings of loss and grief, or even anger. I may be overjoyed or simply pleasantly surprised at my reaction. What I do know it is important to honor not block those feelings. This actually is good advice for life in general, but that is for another day.

I was reflecting on this in relationship to our vote on January 20th. The potential sale and move or staying and renovating has brought up many different emotional response in me, as I suspect is true for many of the readers. There is part of me that is sad. Wednesday evening we had 35 people gathered in our beautiful sanctuary with the lights down and the bliss lights up as we played and listen to the singing bowls. The thought of not being able to have access to a space that is filled with 70 years of spiritual love saddens me. I feel a deep sense of loss like leaving a family home for the first time.

I have feelings of excitement and anticipation thinking about the possibilities in the new place to call home. The same of loss we feel when we leave home can, and often does, give rise to feelings of excitement, wonder, and joy at the possibilities and adventure that await us. The world is pregnant with possibilities. There is also fear. Fear we will stay and what that means and fear we will leave. Fear rarely, and certainly not in this case, have anything substantial to hold onto it simply is and works at the deepest level of our conscious and subconscious minds.

I write this not to assume, create, prejudge, or makeup anyone’s experience during this time. It is simply a caution to be aware and to honor whatever emotions that may arise. Talk to someone, talk to one of the ministers, call Silent Unity, ask a prayer chaplain, or use whatever tools in your spiritual belt to allow you to move through the experience and emotions with ease and grace. Remember Gerry has told us often, and I often forget, we are not our emotions we are having and emotions. There is no bad or good emotions they simply are.

Sunday Rev Ray will provide the talk and meditation for the White Stone Ceremony and Judy Palsmeier will provide our special music. May you have a blessed week.