Honoring the Past

This week we will continue to explore the theme of life in transitions. Last week, on Sunday, I talked about the idea there comes a point in life where what has worked in the past no longer serves the highest good. It is a time to choose a new path and transition to new ways of being and doing in the world. One of the things I have found that supports my decision in choosing a different path is to honor the past and the choices I made.

This has not always been the case. I, mostly, would wait until the pain of staying where I was with the choices I made exceed the possibility of the future I could not know or predict. I knew my pain. It was familiar and normal. I had gotten used to it and did not know anything else. The future, no matter how joyful it might be was unknown and scary. Better to stay put until staying put, both physically and emotionally, but more importantly in consciousness was no longer an option. Not particularly intentional (one of my core values), empowering, enlightening, or constructive. I finally decided, in most cases, there had to be a better way to continue to move through life seeking to expand my consciousness and spiritual understanding and best serve, not only own needs but the needs of others as well.

I came to a decision that I would honor the past. It was what it was. It got me to where I am today so it must be good. That in the midst of the pain and suffering I was always guided by God to a different path, I just did not always listen. I would honor the person I was so I could truly embrace the person that was becoming. I knew I had made this shift in the middle of a workshop I was staffing. The trainer ask the participants to write a regrets list of 50 things they regretted from their past. The staff was encouraged to do the same assignments as the participants. I told the trainer that I could not do this assignment because I valued the life I had and all that came before me helped to create that person. I loved who I was and who I was becoming. She looked me in the eyes and said that is the whole point. We don’t have to regret the past to move on from the past.

This week Rev Val will talk about honoring the past. The past is good and yet greatness waits before us in the future. Colette Delaney-Mattingly will provide the special music and Colleen Musinski will lead the meditation. If you can’t come in person remember you can always watch the live stream on the Unity of Louisville Facebook page.