I of the Storm Class

I of the Storm

I of the Storm Class, Thursdays, January 19 - February 16 (5 weeks) 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm.

(The first class may be in-person, TBD, the remaining classes will be via zoom.)

We will read and explore Rev. Gary Simmons’ book, I of the Storm. The book is available on Amazon. The book and class address how we show up in the conflicts and stress inducing moments of our lives and uses Unity principles to empower us to live in the challenge without letting the challenge control our lives. The material is full of awareness exercises and insightful ways to become more grounded as we deal with stressful events and people—important work as we continue Unity of Louisville’s transition process.

The following is taken from the book’s introduction. “The Sufis say that the two rivers of Heaven and Earth converge in the human heart. The heart is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. But in the midst of this turbulence, where these two rivers converge, we are asked to remain clear and centered and to become the spiritual warriors that we are all asked to be, remembering who we are and—in that moment, in the attendant confusion and disorder that appear before us—being the channels of light, love, and healing power that we are meant to be. God is love and we are God's emissaries sent to Earth to be the vehicles through which this light, love, and healing power can be expressed.

It is one thing to know this, quite another to live it. This is the magic of The I of the Storm. Gary, in a very practical, day-to-day, reality-based manner, discusses the challenges, temptations, and hazards the world presents to us that distract us from our purpose. Gary is able to give us, through his book, very practical techniques, both spiritually and materially based, for remembering who we are and what our mission on Earth is. He also takes us through the next step by giving us very practical strategies on how to avoid these hazards and how to align ourselves with our divine purpose and mission.

Finding this place and actuating it is essential to our beings. It not only gives a meaning and purpose to our lives but also allows us to grow, as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with humanity.” (John Babbs, author and coach/consultant)

If you would like to register for this class, please email Rev. David Mosher at davidm@unityoflouisville.org.