Jesus the Rebel, Rabbi, Master Teacher

By Rev. Valerie Mansfield


Jesus was a rebel. He rebelled against the tyrant of Rome, the empire that was moving across the lands putting everyone in bondage. He rebelled against the thinking of the day, the Jewish leaders and the money changers in the church. He was a very independent thinker as God. We don't know a lot about this man Jesus. We know that he was born and that he rebelled. It's possible he was a rabbi. Nobody really knows. At the age of 12, we know that he was at the temple. He was teaching the elders, or at least he was in on the discussion. So what was going on in the church? That formed the opinions that he carried with him through life. What we do know and the importance to us today is what in Unity we call Jesus our brother, "The Wayshower." He showed us that the Christ within us is heaven on earth. It's a way of being, of opening to that spiritual channel, that oneness with God. Whatever name you give it, God, universal, power, energy, Allah, Buddha. It doesn't really matter because it's the essence of life. We know that he's taught us that through that inner power, miracles happen and they not only happened for him, they can happen for us too. Life in itself is a miracle.

Then this pandemic that we're living through right now, there's a lot of fear. When we go within ourselves and ask for the fear to be eliminated and for us to be in a place of calm and peace. This allows us to reside in that peaceful presence of life and healing. We then have the power to manifest a different vision, a different way of living today because life has changed. The one constant in life is change. 

Things will never be the same. If we use our power of manifestation for the good as Jesus has taught us, and as he did, then the changes will be good. The changes will allow us to open our spiritual self to all the good in the universe and to manifest our thoughts with the intention of humanity becoming one, allowing us to be the peaceful presence in the world, allowing all beings to be blessed with a wonderful life of joy, of zeal and enthusiasm to manifest the freedom that each of us desires. Our world is changing and we let go of our attachments to what was and we heal whatever it is in ourselves, in our thoughts and in our being that needs to be healed. We can do that through forgiveness and we can do it through that inner power of love. 

Jesus gave us the full demonstration of the principle to live in harmony as one. That is the vision that I have for each of us today to live in harmony as one with the Divine Law and the principle of goodness, allowing us to eliminate that which is within us, outward into the world. This alleviates the darkness and the dark times that sometimes we can get into and when we go there. It happens to all of us when we get into that fear mode, our disease in the body or sadness, whatever it is, unforgiveness where you're stuck in and your space of being right. Instead, allow the love to flow through us. Allow the harmony to unfold in peaceful times. 

Know that our thoughts create our lives. The principle of goodness is how we can move forward in humanity as one. When we individually change our thinking, it's like a drop in the water and it ripples in waves around the world. We can connect with others through that hope and determination to see a new and better way of living? Not only for us individually, but for all of humanity. We don't have to suffer. We can choose a different way. 

So Jesus was and still is alive in each of us as that Christ presence. When we go in and we ask for guidance, it is there and we are open to the infinite possibilities of living just as Jesus, the man did as an independent thinker, manifesting and creating our own reality as peace and through love. That inner power is the key. So unlock the door and walk through. I love you. I bless you. I behold the living presence as you, and so it is.