Kaleidoscope…a spiritual awakening. An Interactive Spiritual Experience-Community Cafe

 This is an opportunity to practice spirituality with problem solving and sharing ideas with others. In a community Café you have the opportunity to sit with others and share a brief prompt about a spiritual subject. This is like pop corn conversation and gives you the opportunity to share ideas with many others very rapidly.  You are given a topic and share some thoughts with someone else briefly and then switch with another person and share ideas around another prompt. 

Community Café’s enable us to see new ways to make a difference in our community at large, our Unity CommUnity, our families and our individual lives.

Community Café’s are built on the understanding of Unity Principles of Truth and Twelve Powers. Individual have within an inner spark of divinity which connects us to our inner powers and to each other. Though wisdom, understanding and creativity we can collectively come together to move through growth opportunities, creating solutions with intention, ease and grace.