Leadership Challenge

t takes a lot of work and effort on the part of many people, both volunteer and paid staff, to operate an organization with the variety of programming and activities that Unity of Louisville has. One of the key factors, as we continue to grow and evolve, is the development of the volunteer leadership.There are three key factors in recruit new leaders that address many of the resistance and fears we often encounter. 
The first are clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership position. This sets clear expectation and guides and training that needs to occur to ensure the leader is successful. The second is to clearly articulate the time commitment. Not being clear and overburdening someones time can be a source of dissatisfaction and eventually the loss of the leader. Simply put don't burn out the volunteers we are all busy. The third is feedback, both positive and negative. People like to know how they are doing and, in most cases, feedback on how they can perform better. Give lots of praise and gentle reminders.