Let There Be Light

This week Gerry Boylan starts of a new 7 week series, The Creative Process. The Creative Process draws upon the first chapter of Genesis to describe  how creation unfolds from thought to manifestation. Unity understands the story of Genesis as an allegory explaining what takes place in the mind of each individual in the enfoldment from idea to manifestation. This weeks topic begins in the void and from the void God declares "Let there be Light and the was Light." Light is symbolic illumination and spiritual wisdom which is the source of all Divine ideas. 
Whenever I read stuff like this I ask "what in the world does this have to do with me?" Briefly, in part it tells me there is a light, a source of wisdom, within me and that through prayer and meditation and an open mind I can access that light. I reflect on the idea of Divine wisdom and can remember all the moment of absolute clarity and inspiration that have guide me. I can also remember all the time I ignored what was being revealed. 
I now understand that the light coming to my awareness through the power of intuition will always guide me to my good, if I but let it. But, there are times I just can't seem to get the ego, my judgments, or fears out of the way to listen. This week we explore the idea of "let there be Light." I hope to see everyone as we begin the process of learning how to connect with the creative process within.