Living and Being Joy

Today, the outer experience many are facing creates a reflection of fear, unrest, grief, and scarcity consciousness. The darkness and chaos seem to be all around with little light shining through. Grief is one feeling many are expressing. The grief of daily life which many have created and the virus continuing has impacted the course of careers, education for self, and/or children. Grief bubbling up around, all the social injustice we see. Fear is another feeling surfacing because of the error thinking or darkness living within individuals who are determined to terrorize and commit violence against souls who are working for the good of all. 

In all of this have faith. Stay centered within through prayer, right thinking, love, and seeing the Truth of the daily joys we live. Remembering there is a greater good flowing and unfolding. Healing occurs through the light shifting and clearing away the darkness. The joy of the fall colors, more time being at home with loved ones, spending time daily in prayer, adding yoga or other movements to stir the energy in the body, and the new unlimited possibilities of the changing world. Let Spirit guide you to your good and know God’s got this and all is well.

Be safe, be kind, and loving to all you meet. Remember you are the light of the world. 



Rev. Valerie