Living On a Prayer

     My grandmother used to sing "Amazing Grace," to me as a young toddler and then as a child. It was one of her favorite songs. It's amazing that today science is affirming what Unity has been teaching for over 133 years. And that's what the power of prayer and possibilities is really all about. How science and unity are now the same. As we move through this next eight weeks, you're going to have different opportunities to look at Unity's thoughts on prayer. Myrtle's and Charles Fillmore's and one of the books that we recommend is Charles Fillmore, "Atom Smashing Power of Mind."

     Prayer is what we need in our world right now. More than anything else. And we all know that. But I was reading the "Power of Eight," by Lynne McTaggart. I don't know how many of you guys know the history and I'm just gonna touch on it briefly here. Myrtle Fillmore, who I call the Mother of Unity. I like to think of her as the heart that spiritual heart and co founder of Unity began talking to her body daily. And what happened in the spring of 1886 now I'm talking 1886 she and Charles attended talk by Dr. E. B. Weeks, who was a new thought practitioner who had studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins. Myrtle listened to what he said and what she already knew about nature and the universe. She had a shift in her conscious thinking. She came away with an affirmation at that time, a statement which became an affirmation that says, "I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness."

     She began to talk to her body every day to every cell, to every system, to affirm the good and stop that negative thinking that she had in chatter that she had been drilled with since childhood. And I don't know about you all, but sometimes our elders, whoever they are, parents or grandparents, they have a concept about us. They have a belief about who we are. That's not really the truth. And they may say something out of character, right? And yet we believe it or you might struggle as I did in school as a young child with dyslexia. And back then they didn't know what it was. You know, I had trouble reading and sometimes I still have challenges with words, as you all know.

     The truth is, I'm pretty intelligent. It just doesn't always come out the mouth the way it should. There was a belief I had to move through. You know, Myrtle went on and through her daily practice was able to stop taking her own medication. She committed to a victorious life. She began to teach others because they saw the changes in her because she was pretty sickly. She had tuberculosis and she didn't get around a whole lot. Charles' mom took care of the children because she wasn't able to, most of the time, she had a hard time moving. And so she began to teach others what she was doing and what she was experiencing. People flocked to her to learn this. And there's the start of Silent Unity, which was called the Society of Silent Unity back then.

     Charles Fillmore, who I call the father or the intellectual mom and co founder of Unity, he watched Myrtle change and grow and he didn't know what to think of it because, you know, sometimes we have to have that concrete evidence. And so he began his own research in his own path to enlightenment by sitting in the silence every day and communing with the divine. He also had some transformation, not only in his conscious thinking in his beliefs, but in his physical body because he had been injured as a child and had a short leg and walked unevenly and his leg began to grow. And so his gait became a little more even. Now, what's all this mean?

     It means is that Unity's founding principle is prayer. We know that we're all one. When we connect with that divine essence, that is us. We have a realization of something greater than our humanness. And it's an experience that transcends us consciously, subconsciously, and as some say, super consciously. The purpose of prayer really is for God realization to realize that there's something within us that allows us to connect to all that is. We no longer look outside of ourselves for the answers, or pray for things. You know, how many of you grew up praying for something?

     Or to make things happen the way we want it to happen. You know that that one sometimes it's still a hard one for me to let go of. I try really hard living in the flow of the energetic transformation, but sometimes I do want things to go the way I'd like them to go. Doesn't work a whole lot, but I'm better off just being in the flow. We allow the past to be the past and we can use prayer to transform ourselves, to heal ourselves, and there's many types of healing. You know? There's that physical healing in the body. There's that healing of our emotional state, healing of our thoughts, transforming our thinking in the way that we look at the world.

     We really awakened to that oneness of reality. We know that all else is a reflection of our mirror image, of our thoughts. So whatever you think you identify with and through prayer and asking the divine to guide us to the right imperfect action and then taking those steps to create ourselves in a different way. Then we become different. That's when transformation happens, which is Unity of Louisville's mission. To transform ourselves in the world through love.

     In Unity, we talk about and use affirmations and denials to change our thoughts. We shift from that consciousness of one reality to another. So we don't deny that there's error thinking in the world. What we do deny is that it has any power over us. So when you're creating your denials, you want to, that's what you want to use that concept. And then we affirm, we affirm the good that we see in our lives, the visions that we want to create and manifest. So here's a denial that I, an affirmation that I created for this week. The denial is the outer world has no power in my life. And right now with all the challenges we have going on, and I think there are fewer now because of the pandemic, but the outer world has no power in my life. And I affirm, I connect to the oneness of life

     I connect to the oneness of life.

     So during the next eight weeks, we're gonna look at our beliefs about prayer and meditation. We're going to be aware of things that we may experience, like our thoughts, the insights, our practices, and we're going to change some of those thoughts and insights and practices. What we know to be true now is that any form of meditation or prayer transcends thinking and cleanses and purifies us. Think about that for a minute. Any form of meditation or prayer that transcends thinking, cleanses and purifies us, and through that process we heal whatever they, what our thoughts are related to our human errors, or something that we think we've done wrong. Whatever our deep seated fears might all come up during your prayers and meditation are afterwards or in between. We have to look at them and really become aware of what our thoughts are because our thoughts are prayers. When we pray, we go deep within we transcend that thinking.

When we can embrace and accept the indwelling presence within us, we began to grow that Holy spirit, that love radiates from our being and moves through our whole physical, mental, emotional state out into the world. It radiates from that oneness of the divine Jesus taught us that even during his time with all the brutality all the terrorism that was going on in the world, prayer was a way to create love. It was a way to change the thinking, to change the hardships and to transform above it become awakened to the power of prayer. When we access that divine power, we can manifest miracles within our own lives and with an others' lives for as the mechanism to access the divine.

In Unity we'll say, we ask in prayer and we listen in meditation. So our prayers are the asking for the guidance, asking for the vision for what it is that we want to manifest in our lives and create. And then in meditation we listen and then we follow that guidance with the right steps.

Charles Fillmore in the "Atom Smashing Power of Mind," talks about the power of thought and he talks about and wrote articles on the spiritual aspects of the scientific research and and progress. And this was in the early 1900's when he wrote this book and he wrote these articles for the Unity Magazine. He was talking about the scientific research back then, and I don't know how much you guys know about the science that's going on right now and has been for the last 10 to 15 years around prayer.

There are a lot of good studies here in this book, "The Power of Eight," and it talks about the miraculous energies of a small group to heal others, heal their own life and the world. The same thing that Charles was talking about in the 1900's. It is 2020 and most of the world has not caught up yet, and that's why we're here. And that's why we're here, to create groups, to study and to participate in prayer on a daily basis. So I invite you to do that. Charles Fillmore predicted the next great achievement of science will be the understanding of the mental and spiritual abilities in man through which to develop and release these tremendous electrons, protons and neutrons secretive in the trillion cells in the human physical organism. And that's pretty powerful for his time that he believed that science had opened up a kingdom, having all the possibilities of the kingdom taught by Jesus, the kingdom of heaven. Through our minds and under divine law. We can do anything we choose to do. I'm going to share with you out of the book "The Power of Eight," after they'd done some research, and this was a study where they had 406 volunteers who were participating with intention and visualization and prayer, and afterward they found that there was no question that prayer had a positive effect on the participants. All 406 participants improved on every objective and subjective measure of physical and psychological health. He saw that during the praying and those that were doing the praying there were even better results then the ones that they were praying for. So the more prayer they carried out, the healthier they became.

So as we continue in this pandemic, let's shift our thinking. Let's join in prayer and pray for one another and pray for the world to heal and pray for our own being to transcend. Did that power and the miracles that prayer creates.

130 years ago, the Fillmore's knew and lived the power of prayer and infinite possibilities, which science today has caught up with. We know the truth. We've always known the truth. Now it's ours to start living the truth. We set intentions, we have faith, and we connect within. We live that truth and we allow the miracles to move in and through us, transforming ourselves, our family, our friends and the world. So take time to live a life of prayer and know your life and the lives of others are good. And so it is Namaste.