Living From Vision

This week Rev Ray, Rev Val, and Jeanne Bencker will be speaking on various aspects of living out of a vision. When I first arrived at Unity of Louisville and saw the fabulous space that we had in our sanctuary and activity center I had a vision of being a community resource for a variety of groups, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to have a safe meeting place to do their work. My vision, which I still hold today, was to engage the external world, becoming both an integral part of the community and one of the anchors for the Smoketown neighborhood, and expand the awareness and reach of Unity beyond the walls of the church. 

Later, when we did the intentional work with Rev Judy Grimes and the strategic planning process with Elaine Woods, one of the consistent themes that always is addressed is how can we be more engaged with the external world. How can we make a difference. I believe we are taking great strides in living the vision, We have made decisions to open the building for greater use by outside groups. For example, we have a Zen group meeting on Sunday evening, and AA group on Saturday and new Woman's NA group starting on Monday, and a number of groups that have used our facility for various meetings, events, and workshops. 

I wanted to share an email I received this week from one of the group from U of L that  promotes diversity and inclusion and provides trainings to teach how to better engage the world has been using the activity center on Monday evenings...
"Diversity At The Table wants to give our gratitude and appreciation to the Unity Of Louisville for opening up their space to us by-weekly meetings. Last night was a very warming conversation and a person, who later explained he was homeless, entered the space and explain how he didn’t know how he was going to eat today. There, he was able to get food, enjoy a healthy and safe space, and engage with other people his story. In addition to that, we did a drawing for $25 dollars. Everyone was to enter their name into the bucket and he won. Moments like that are why we do what we do. We are appreciative of the space you all have provided because it helps us with our goals." 

We never know what difference we make in the world but when we live from our vision and our mission the results ripple out to touch and change lives.