I been working for a number of years on the idea of mirroring and while I was preparing my talk last week on thoughts held in mind I spent considerable time contemplating the idea. If you remember from the talk I said we are always in a story. I create the story of my life based on past experiences, beliefs, ideas, and information from others I have accepted as true. These stories will stay with me until I wake up to a new set of ideas or beliefs or something happens that causes me to reexamine the stories validity.
    This is where the practice of mirroring comes into play. When I recognize that the outer world is not fixed but really a reflection of my consciousness then I can use the discipline of mirroring to challenge and change my story, if I choose. The process of mirroring tells me that what I see in another is part of me. "You spot it you got it" seems trite but true. You can only see it because it is part of your consciousness. It does not mean it is you but it does point to, if you choose, a place to look to either deepen your understanding of self or to possible change your story.
    Mirroring is interesting because it is actually a neutral practice, though at times it can feel anything but neutral. You may notice good characteristics or negative characteristics it does not matter. It is simply a way to notice and bring to your awareness aspects of yourself that you may have hidden from, buried, been unaware of, or simply did not recognize. It is neither negative or positive it is simply a tool to use, if you choose, to grow emotionally and spiritually. Mirroring points to an old idea that every moment can be a transformative moment when we choose to awaken to the possibilities the moment offers us.