The mystic is not so special

I have always said I have a curious mind and wanted to share with you something I thought was facinating. Recently I was reading a fascinating article written by a man who is a neurologist with a Dr. of Ministry. The subject was neuropsycholgical mysticism. This is a new field of brain studies. Many of you may have read the book by Jill Bolte Taylor "My Stroke of Insight" which is at the forefront of the new field. It started with the study, in the 60's, of individuals who had left brain strokes. It has always been assumed that the left brain controlled cognitive linear thinking and behavior while the right brain was intuitive and and tended to be more holistic. The right brain was the source of inspiration while the left brain handles the planning and details.

Here is the interesting thing that they have found is that when the left brain is disconnected the right brain begins to take over the cognitive abilities but funneled through the intuitive and inspirational parts of the brain. The researchers have found in many cases the individuals who have recovered have an innate ability to connect to, what the mystics would say, is the source or experience of the transcendent. I

The finding is that this new way of experiencing reality is in each of us but the left brain overrides the ability to connect. Emilie Cady wrote 150 years ago that we each have the ability to have the mystical experience. This is not limited to a few but available to everyone. It is through discipline and practice, and a clear intention to, momentarily, disconnect from the left brain that we unleash the access to the power of the right brain.