Navigating Reality

We continue, this week, our journey in the Promised land to create the world of our dreams and vision. In the uncharted territory we are traveling without a map. To effectively traverse the territory we must stay fully present to what is and not get caught in the trap of arguing with the universe. Things are what they are. Arguing frustrates us and does not change the reality of the situation. I love Unity, in part, because we are present focused. Or at least we should be. 

I often get caught in the trap of attachments to what I think life should be and find myself frustrated and disappointed because the universe does not follow my script. I spend a lot of time trying to micro manage the universe and it should listen and obey me. Even writing this I laugh at how silly it sounds. Yet, we do this, or at least I do this, all the time. 

Navigating the uncharted territory demands that we deal with what ever is thrown our way. When we stay mindful and present, big buzz words in the world so seldom followed, obstacles and challenges become details to be dealt with. Not easy to do which is why we have for our journey a team of people guiding and leading us. Our collective wisdom will override any attempt to create drama, conflict, and frustration where none really exists.