Our Thought and Beliefs Shape the World

Our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our beliefs. The good thing is, we can change our thoughts and beliefs. Eric Butterworth says, "Our mind is our domain."  We have control of our mind. We control our thoughts and beliefs. As we take responsibility for our thoughts, we can begin to change our life. I used the word can because we have free will to choose.

In Genesis, we are told we have domain over all things, which includes our minds. We are free thinkers and we are responsible for the thoughts created in error. As spiritual beings we have a responsibility to correct race consciousness error thinking. This is exactly what humanity has been challenged with since the dawn of awakening. As One, we have domain over all.  Humanity can no longer allow the continued hatred, greed, predatory behaviors, violence and death of our black brothers and sisters. They all matter because they are us and we are them. There is no Real difference, as we are One.

Let us each look within at our beliefs, and our thoughts and change what requires us all to truly live together in peace and as love creating a vibrant community for our children and grandchildren to continue to spiritually awaken and evolve.  We can change the world; it begins within each of us.

There is still time to join one of the Dismantling Racism Study Circles. Each circle meets bi-weekly. We have created an interactive page on the bottom of the Dismantling Racism page to enhance the discussions, with affirmations to inspire, and meditations for you to practice being, create expressions and self-study references are included