Social Justice

Social Justice

Donate Supplies to Breonna Square

This is a time of change and we as a society are changing injustices that have exists for a very long time. Want to help those out there activily representing this need for change? Here is the opportunity to lend either your time or supplies to to support those out in the field at Breonna Square. The protestors are in need of partiular items and help getting those items to them either by dropping them off directly, at our location downtown or bring them from our church to the protestors. 

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Energy Workers to Support Protestors in Person or Remotely

Unity supports mindful prayer to hold sacred space for those who are physically out there and supporting this need for social change. Even if you can't join them, you can send healing streams of grace through prayer, energy work and visioning. Also direct energy work in the form of group prayer or energy work as well as in person energy workers at Breonna Square are also needed to support our protestors in this time. 

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