Paradox of Change

Change is one of the very few constants in our lives. From the moment we are born to the day we die we are in a constant state of change. Cells die and are renewed. Babies transition to infants, to toddlers, to teenagers, and on it goes. Each stage and each moment brings us to a new place in the physical world but in our spiritual world as well. We are in a ever changing time of transition.

Some of the changes and transitions we go through happen naturally. We give it no thought or energy it simply happens. The idea of becoming a teenager and going through puberty. It does not always feel comfortable but it happens none the less. Others, like many of the changes we make on our spiritual journey happen through deliberate and intentional acts on our part and lead to a transformative experience. Remember back to the burning bowl and white stone rituals. These are intentional and potentially transformative. Some changes and transitions are a combination of the two. The process of change is natural and yet when our engagement of the change is intentional the transformative nature of the change is magnified.

Unity of Louisville is going through one of those times of natural change which we are engaging intentional and boldly. We don't know exactly what we are becoming but we know that the change is happening. But, for many of us this is only one of the changes or transitions we are going through or facing. Over the next few weeks our series on Sunday will focus on the ideas, struggles, and joys as we individually and collectively move through a life of transitions. 

Sunday Rev Ray will kick off the series with a talk entitled the Paradox of change. Change is part of life and yet change can elicit fear and resistance. Both are true and must be engaged with strength and intention. We are blessed to have Carly Johnson & Diego Lyra providing our special music and Carla Knack will guide our meditation.