The Power of Conscious Creation


We do have to come together as one. And we do have to be conscious and creative in these times of challenge. That's calling for change for the last several weeks. We've been exploring prayer. As I said in the beginning, there is no, there's no misunderstanding about why last year at the end of the year, prayer was for this time. We were creating this prayer program where we could all join together to be in prayer with each other. Even if you haven't participated in one of the groups, I'm sure your prayer consciousness has been at work.

We are embracing prayer. As we continue to move forward, I encourage each and every one of you to continue. Consciously create your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It's vitally important right now for us all to realize we are one. Through prayer, we have a mighty spiritual tool, which allows us to be a bigger force in the universe without violence, without anger, because when we prayed , we're staying in that consciousness of prayer. It resonates higher. Then those who are resonating at a lower vibration rate, who are misunderstanding the truth of life. They're still living in that error of thinking that violence is a way and that separation is the way

Because none of that's true. The way for humanity is through love. If we can stay balanced in that in ourselves and unfold and unpack that love into the universe. There is a consciousness of the presence of God that will flow and heal all the old wounds that separation has created. That's what we're really looking at here. It's the outer picturing of separation between our human selves and our spiritual selves. So the challenges we're facing right now are that out-picturing of separation in our consciousness. We've made it look different than what we look like. I'm a white female, and I know that there's no difference in me than there is in my black friends and those that I share life with in love with. There's no separation. We are all one. We all came from that same source. Until we all wake up to that consciousness, we're going to live in strife. I choose to live in peace. The way for peace is through prayer because it is a mighty spiritual tool we have to create. We can create anything that we put our minds to consciously.

We pray with that open-heartedness and we send that love out. There's a ripple effect and it changes others lives. It's a scientific fact. We've seen this. We know it's true. Let me go within and pray the divine. There's this emotional flow. Its a feeling of Oneness. There's no mistake in that when you're there. When you connect with that divine, you know, that all things are possible. If we can get out of our ego selves it starts with the individual. It starts with me, starts with you. It starts with every being on this planet coming together in prayer. That prayer provides us with the wisdom and discernment and guidance that we need in order to create eternal lasting peace on this planet. This is a test. We flunked it once already.


We made a headways, but we really flunked humanity. I remember one time with my youngest sons were coming home from school softball practice. We were having this conversation. What he said really resonated with me and has stayed with me for a long time. I said, you know, mom, the baby boomers really, really did us an injustice. He's a gen Xer. I said, what do you mean? He's like, well, you all started this wonderful revolution of change, then you became capitalist and you didn't follow through and finish it. Now the world is suffering. And when I thought about it, I really thought, wow, that's really true.

Most of us, baby boomers went on into the corporate world and we got comfortable with our income. I'm going to speak for myself. I got comfortable with the income that I was making and the life that I was living and raising my children I didn't pay attention to the outer world as much as I should have. Now I know that that was my error of thinking, because it doesn't mean that we can't have material things. What it does mean is that we cannot allow others to be mistreated in any way ever.

That was how I lived my early life standing up for those who couldn't stand up for themselves. I let that go. I apologize to the universe for doing that and know that today it's different today. My prayers, thoughts and creations are focused on creating a new world for all to live in peace. Prayer allows us an awareness of our knowing. I know that's the right thing to do. I know that is why we're all here while we're experiencing what we're experiencing, because we all rise. We are courageous. We can achieve anything that we set our minds to. We are empowered and enlightened. As we move together with that Christ consciousness, we pray with others. We have the power to create anything we desire. We allow it. For me it's allowing the darkness to bubble up. That's where we're at right now because we see it. We see the cruelty, we see this brutality, we see the injustice. It's up to us to change it. Okay. Covered over anymore. You have to stand in that, have greater awareness and live with the truth. So we're here to live. So, I invite each of you as we continue for the next few weeks and hopefully the last seven weeks have given you a new insight into your own life and what is yours to do globally and personally. I hope you continue to move on that path. If you weren't part of a prayer group, I invite you to create one because there is power. When we pray together. We know for science.

The world shifts, when we consciously come together with intention, with love, we pray for each other. We pray for a planet and we pray for a life of living together as one. I love you. I bless you. I be hope for living Christ as you. Namaste