The Power of the Divine: The Unseen

Today, we are experiencing an awakening in humanity. This awakening is challenging us to open our eyes, open our hearts, educate ourselves and evolve. We know Universal Substance is unlimited and yet we limited the possibilities. We allow the hate, fear, and injustice to continue through our false believes and greed. We are at a crossroads and the miracle is our higher selves. It is past time to rise to our spiritual selves and live as One Humanity.

Take time to go within and be…be your true self…feel the higher vibrational energy changing every atom of your being for the good…see yourself, your brothers and sisters treated as equals. See all beings safe, secure, healthy, and whole. We are the dove of spirit, the peace, the light. When we share the knowledge of illumination, we become the true spiritual light of the world.

There is no limit to the Power of the Divine. Let go of your attachments to the seen and take a leap of faith in the unseen. Miracles happen. We can live in harmony, together as One.

This Sunday, Tyrone Cotton is our special guest musician. Deb Reinhardt Brocious is our song leader along with Phill Crowther and Judy Palsmeier our pianist.


Rev. Valerie Mansfield