The Power of the Divine: The Unseen.


We stand together as bold as love in a world today. There's a lot of anger rising. There's a lot of jealousy, greed, and the threat of armies. We know the truth that we must stand and shine boldly as love.
The unseen miracles are unfolding right now. Jesus taught us. We can do what he did the miracles and what is that true miracle. It's the power to bring the unseen into the, seen into the visible world, into our thoughts into our lives, into the day to day of truth. We can do this by shifting our own consciousness and standing in our faith and creating that vision of oneness of equality of justice for all. Those are not hollow words. They are the truth. When you achieve it first individually, and then collectively. We achieve it by standing together united; not by division, not by force, not by fighting. So let's watch our thoughts and our words each and every moment of the upcoming days and be ready to shift it in an instant when you realize the strife and the fear that is awakening within you. It's up to us to be the law and to boldly stand as love. We cannot do that if we are fighting, if we are protesting. We have to shift the language. We have to shift the thinking.
If we stand in faith, knowing the truth, that there is no difference between any of us on this planet. We have to treat each other as we treat others better than ourselves, because we don't treat ourselves very well. Sometimes, we don't treat our family very well. Sometimes, we don't treat others very well. It has to stop. We have to live compassionate, powerful, and spiritual lives. Now is the time. So really what this is is a spiritual evolution for change. So let's get it right, and let's be done with it once and for all. Think about the words we're using, stand in your faith, which is the perceiving power of the mind linked with the power of substance. That's where it comes from. That's where all the power really lies. It doesn't lie in the guns. It doesn't lie in the mind of those who are living era thinking. It lies in those of us that know the truth, but there is no difference between me and anyone else out there.
Life matters. Black lives matter. Life matters. Recently, it's been hard for me to begin a prayer the way I normally would and that's with taking a breath because we all watched over and over and continue to watch over and over a man who could not breathe and died. Enough is enough. The breath is life, and it doesn't matter what color our skin is, what our religious beliefs are, what our cultural traditions are. What matters is life
Faith is the thing that is hoped for. I'm going to rephrase that: faith is the assurance of things that we know that are right. Faith is the unfolding of those things to come into our world, into our visual perceptions, into our beliefs, and into the very core of our being. It's already there. We have to teach people how to unlock it. How do you unlock that faith? How do you know the truth and standing in it? We do it by opening our eyes and awakening our hearts and taking steps for positive change. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email that was talking about defunding the police. When I first got that email I thought that it was really strange. Why would they want to do that? I didn't read it initially because of the way it was written. Later that day I went back and I said, okay, now I'm going to focus on finding what they are really trying to say here. And for me, a better way to say it would have been redistributing funds. That's the truth of what they want. That's the truth of what needs to be done. We have to look at our language and say what we really want and stand for the truth of what we see and believe in our core being. We have to do it clearly, and we have to do it intelligently. We have to do it from a spiritual perspective because this is about the spiritual evolution of humanity. So the truth is the redistribution of funds for social justice inequality. Now that's something I can sign. I did sign it. I put my name on it and sent it off. I'm here to help support it in any way that I can because I know that that's the truth. There's a better way for us to live together.
This morning, I had a thought. Eliminate all the guns. Well, guess what? There's too much fear right now in our world for that to happen. What we can do is change the way things are. The people who have guns, who are here to protect us, use those instruments. We can change that. We are required to change that because a man sleeping in his car in the Wendy's parking lot is not a threat. I don't care what just happened six hours ago. When you're sleeping in your car in a parking lot, you are not a threat, do not deserve to be treated as a threat and to have your life and opportunity taken away. When we kill one another, we kill ourselves. The souls that are creating that and taking the other souls are dying.
It's hard to live with the knowledge that you've killed someone. The anger, the resentment, the bitterness, we have to shift it. We won't win from anger. We won't win and shift and change and evolve if we're bitter, if we're not standing as love, if we're not rising in our own personal lives and showing others how to do that.
Jesus was well aware of these same challenges in his lifetime. So here we are still 2000 and some odd years later. How many years has humanity been on this planet? That's how long we've been facing this challenge. It has not changed. I think it's time to change. Our humanness has led us down the wrong path for far enough. It's time for the spiritual beings to awaken. One of the things that Jesus said - that people don't really get - is "I agree with your adversaries quickly." Agree quickly.
How are you going to agree if somebody is bullying you? How are you going to agree? If somebody is threatening, you? You take a stand in love. If you see it being done to someone else, you take a stand as love and you say, stop. This is enough. What the truth of that scripture means is to settle with. We have to settle within ourselves, that which we see in others. So we have to settle the anger that comes up within us. We have to settle the violence that rises up within us. We have to settle that bitterness. And the only way I know to do that is to go within and use the wisdom and the guidance of the divine in divine order and raise my own consciousness to that spiritual element. That is my truth.
It's not easy. There's nothing easy about any of this. No, I get enraged at the group senseless brutality that we are seeing unfold every day, every day. I have to take a breath and I have to let go of that hurt and that anger and that rage. I have to look and say, okay, where is the wisdom that is mine to bring peace into myself and let that peace flow into the world? How can I change my own thinking and shift the thinking outside of me? I have to stand together with my right thoughts, words, and actions. We have to stand together for justice. We're not standing against the injustice. That's just going to create more injustice. Let's focus on what we want. We want justice for all people. We want equality for all people. Let's focus on that. Let's focus on the fact that guns give a false sense of safety. It gives a false sense of power to some and adds to the brutalization of others. So let's stand together and find a new way to bring safety into our communities, to work together, to lift each other up, and to be that which we want in the world.
That's only part of the challenge. The real challenge is the people and the misuse of power and that all comes from their own misbeliefs of fear and lack consciousness. It's their lack of acceptance of their own being and that's sad. It's sad because we're not educating people about the truth of equality - that the skin color doesn't matter. Black lives matter because they're the same as you and me. We breathe. We bleed, we live, and we die. We have a fear in this country, in America, that's based on greed. There's not enough. Well, there's more than enough resources in this world to take care of everything we need to take care of. We just need to use it wisely. Money is energy. It's a flow. It's something that we all agree on. It's an agreement that doesn't really exist. It has no really value except what we agreed to give it. So let's change the way we're thinking about it. It's unlimited. I mean, we just print up more if we need more. The truth of it is it's not real. Yet, everything comes down to having that, which sustains us to live a joy-filled, happy life without the drudgery, without the inequality. So what's really at work here? The truth is our human ego.
Does it work? It's working from greed and fear and it's running our world. We must live from our higher self, that spiritual self, and treat everyone with kindness in our world and in the universe. This is the miracle that we are praying for right now. The world is crying out for a miracle. We're crying out for the unseen to become visible and the unseen is actually the spiritual evolution of humanity. Open your eyes, open your hearts, go within, educate yourself, and evolve. Evolve to that higher self of love. Then be the mentor for others to show them the way those who are lost in the false beliefs. We stand together as one humanity. It is time to realize we are spiritual beings and that change is going to come. It's coming right now. So be prepared to stand for truth, justice, and equality. Namaste