The Power of Group Intention: Focused Energy and Connected Hearts

By Rev. Susan EngPoole


This is a first time I've ever given a message in this time, this challenging times with Covid. I feel your energy here and it just feels so good. You are love. You are a light. And when, when our musicians Don, John and Phill perform that song, they are the bridge. Before when I used, you know, I used to hear that song and it was all about God, the divine being the bridge over troubled waters. Certainly we are in troubled waters, but it's time now as we ascend, we're in an Ascension and it's time now. We've been talking about it in this church for 110 years here in Unity of Louisville that you are the love light. You are the ministers, you are the miracle workers. In Psalms there's a verse that says, "Ye are gods. Ye are God."

Ye are gods. Get used to it. It's time. Now is the time. We're in a book series called the power of eight wonderful book, "The Power of Eight." It's called that by Lynne McTaggart.

Eight. I like that number is a good Chinese number, but it could be any number where two and three are gathered together. There's power in that energy. So all kinds of miracles in this book, "The Power of Eight, Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life and the World." And Reverend Val Mansfield and Elaine Woods put together a study guide for groups to come together and study from this book they're outlined and to pray together and expect miracles together. So, you are gods. And so this is the time for you to expect bigger miracles. Jesus said you can do what I do. He fed five thousand men probably, they didn't count the women and children with some fish, a little basket of fish and bread. He turned water into wine. And what about the crucifixion showing us by example. This is what we will do. We'll be doing and knowing with certainty that there is life after death. So the focus in this study this week is two and three, when two and three are gathered together.

But how many times have we prayed alone and expected our prayers to be answered? Many times there's no other choice. We're alone. But notice that the word alone, it's actually all one. We are all one with the Christ. We are all one with the divine. So we're never alone ever. It reminds me of my Appalachian hike. We're with a group of Girl Scouts and we're out hiking. It's nighttime, everybody's asleep. And I decide just to have a short little walk. I won't go very far into the woods.

Mistake, panic. It's like I have no sense of direction. What was I thinking? But somehow I knew I was not alone beyond that. Take that breath and breathe and be still because my reaction is to run and see if I can find him and scream for them and just to be still and know that I am one with the divine. So yes, our prayers do get answered when we're alone. So what does that verse really mean when two and three are gathered together? There I am in the midst of you. He didn't say when one, two and three are gathered together, he said two and three.


Well, two means a split mind. We think it means physical people. We have a split mind, a split heart, and then our prayers don't get answered because we don't know. It's like, should I go on that Camino walk? I don't know. It cost too much. I want to go, yeah, I'll plan it, but it costs too much and it's probably not the right time and it's not going to happen. So my prayer all over the place, that's that two has to become one together aligned. This happens in relationships at work, it, it happens in business partnerships, whatever it is, split. And so that's why we don't have our dreams that we think that we can manifest and pray about it and no, we missed the part that's blocked. Oh, I'm not good enough. I'm too old. I don't have enough money. Whatever it is that gets in the way.

The two thoughts have to be aligned. That's where the energy comes to produce our good and it's easy. Once the two and three come together, that focus comes together. That's, that's when it's easy because God has already given us peace and abundance and wholeness. It's already there, but there's all this evidence. I don't know. He looks really sick. No, don't go there beyond the appearances. Focus that energy on what is true when two and three together, together, one heart, one mind, and we're all energy. We're all energy. I just was on the internet this morning and I thought, Oh, how interesting. There was this solar flare that just happened and they said, whenever there's a lot of energy going on in the world, they're solar flares, but this one's a huge one. There's, there's a lot going on. There's protests out there. There's covid-19, solar flares, energy symbolizing what's going on with our own energy expressing manifesting, and then yesterday have watched that, that rocket launch and I thought, Oh, what a great metaphor. We're making this huge jump in consciousness. It looks like chemicalization right now and in Unity we don't talk about it much because it, it just feels uncomfortable for people. We don't want to scare people, but it's nothing to be afraid of. Afraid of things just look worse before they get better. That's all it is.

It's just easy. It's just like you've got a junk drawer and you dump it out is a big old mess, but you have to dump it out and have that mess before you have this neat, orderly junk drawer. I invite you to a bigger dream, a more expansive dream, expanding more of the light and the love and the miracle that you are. I want you to know that ye are Gods get used to it. So whatever decisions you are making, little ones, big decisions, whatever they are, you are Gods. It doesn't matter. Make those decisions from a high consciousness of just knowing. It's all perfect. It'll turn out perfectly no matter what. No exceptions. Two and three gathered together. Just notice. That's our homework. Just notice when we say it's impossible,

Don't have the money. For me, it's, it was, Oh, where will I live? And then I realized, Oh, things just open up. It doesn't matter. I'm not going to worry about it anymore because I've, I've been at Unity of Montreal and I was in Palm Springs and loving all of it, but it, I just felt guided to be here. I didn't know where I was going to live, but it just opened up perfectly. So we don't really have anything to worry about. God has already given you your good and all we have to do as God is to receive and to remove those blocks two and three gathered together, remove those blocks that are in the way because it's already there for us to receive.

I took a seminar from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len from Hawaii. He is the psychiatrist that worked for a prison, a very high security prison in Hawaii, one of the most dangerous in our country. But his prayer work was sitting at his desk praying, knowing, seeing the wholeness in each and every prisoner. He saw them as whole and free. They thought they were there for the rest of their lives, but they were healed through his knowing the truth for each and every one. Later they had to close that prison. All those prisoners were healed and released.

Everything is energy, man. Let me tell you about the late Dr Emoto. Masaru Emoto. Dr Hew Len is wonderful. He's fine. He's well. The late Dr Emoto, he was here in Louisville and I was his chauffer taking his family around for the week of festival of Faiths. Dr. Emoto is famous for his work in and studying the energy of water. And since we're mostly made up of water, it's about us and how thoughts and feelings affect us. So energy is very, very important. I was taking him into his dinner where he was the guest of honor, he, he realized that the 13 indigenous grandmothers were not going to be at that dinner. He said, you mean they're at a separate dinner? I said yes. He said, drive me to where they are. I said, no, you're the guest of honor at this dinner. He said, no, drive me to where the 13 indigenous grandmothers are. So I really learned from him that is very important to choose where our highest energies choose. Choose where those energies come from. Choose the highest possible.

It was not about people pleasing or anything like that. It was just choosing for him, it was a choice. And that's what we need to do. Just choose where is the highest energy and go there. So the book, "The Power of Eight," is focused on prayer energy and there's group projects. I highly recommend reading the book because it will just so uplift you with all these wonderful miracles just on focused energy. Knowing the truth, knowing the highest good will be manifest.

We are love. We are power, we are wisdom. I'm just so grateful to be because I felt that from each and every one of you and now is the time for us to move forward. You'll be guided to where you are to be and actually right where you are. That's what you, you are to do as your purpose is be the love, be the light, be the wisdom and the power that you are. And one of the practices of a Lightworker, a miracle worker, a minister that you are, is to forgive. And the exercise, the homework is to leave. No one out. Leave no one out in that forgiveness. I remember it was some faith that said, you know, their practice is to live every day as if it were their last. So no time to put off forgiveness work. You know, it's like, okay, have a clean slate right now. Do the forgiveness work. I just noticed this morning that, you know, with the protests and the forgiveness work there, I just discovered and was aware, okay, here's the names of the ones who died. Black lives matter. But I don't know the names of those that I want to forgive. So it's that that awareness is just being aware of every thought and just keep moving forward to keep extending love because there's no exception to who we are to forgive. Everyone is one with God. We're all one.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your new life. We are ascending in leaps and bounds through this chemicalization. Today is the beginning of the rest of your new life. I invite you to dream big. Just take a piece of paper and write for five minutes knowing that you are God. What are you declaring that you want? What do you desire? What do you want manifest in the world? Dream big. We're ascending.

It's like we chose this time. All of us chose this time to express and be in this consciousness because we are light workers. So go forth. Be the love light that you are and somewhere, somewhere, there's a place for us and of course it's right here, right now, a new way of living.