The Power of Group Intention: Focused Energy & Connected Hearts

This morning, I woke up as many of you might have to see violence and destruction in the name of justice. This truth is not the Truth. When we take a stand for justice, we stand in the Truth. We are One Humanity. The pain our sisters and brothers feel is real, there is too much pain, too much suffering, too much violence and hatred in our thoughts and in our actions. We are all responsible. We are repeating patterns of injustice, hatred, and violence. How many more souls must suffer, for Humanity to wake up and stand for Love?

Today, spend time looking at your actions which contribute to the suffering of others and take a stand to change your thoughts and actions to create a better world for all. One Humanity, One Life. As you spend time in prayer, ask for guidance, seek the answers to be the best you can be, follow your intuition, raise your consciousness to eliminate injustice, hatred, and violence. Stand for Love. There are solutions to a better life for all without the violence, hatred, and destruction.

In our city, the economic damage the riots of the 60’s created was only beginning to recover. Those of us who grew up in the city saw the impact of the burnt buildings, lack of sustainability, lack of neighborhood jobs, lack of adequate healthcare. Today, the community is just beginning to overcome some of these challenges with the new healthcare facility. Let us join and vision economic stability, sustainability in food resources, housing, and education for all people.

There is a reason we are studying prayer, for 8 weeks during this time, pandemic, and grave injustice in our world. Send out waves of love today and every day. If you are joining in the demonstrations remember to show respect for the lives of all people, all property, for our children and grandchildren to live in a world where peace and love prevail. We continue to seek the Truth and know prayer is the key to understanding our part to play in the creation justice for all, One Humanity.

This Sunday, Rev. Susan EngPoole is our Sunday speaker allowing me to have a few days off to rest and renew. This week we the topic is The Power of Group Intention: Focused Energy, Connected Hearts. Don Reinhardt is our special musician; John Spencer is our pianist and Phillip Crowther our Music Director is our song leader.



Rev. Valerie Mansfield