Power of Intention

 I have been reminded this week of the power of clear intention and vision.When I arrived at Unity of Louisville 4 1/2 years ago Rev Val, the Board and I set a clear intention to extend the brand and awareness of Unity. The focus, primarily, was on the spiritual seeker, what is often described as spiritual not religious, and the cultural creatives who are a perfect fit for a Unity ministry. I personally was tired of people saying we are the best kept secret. 
       Of course we were not going to follow the path of the Evangelicals who believe it is their mission to convert and make disciples of all people and nations. Not our style. But we did begin to open our doors to a number of community organizations, expanded our social media presence, used many of the tools provided by Elaine Wood, and other strategies to begin to get the word out about who we are and what we do.
       It is funny how when we set a clear intention two things happen. One is we were challenged to stay the course. The second is patience. The power of the vision and clear intention pulls us toward our good we simply keep taking actions to manifest the fruits of the vision and then allow the good to take shape. It takes time but then we know that time is an illusion and things simply take the time they do. For example, this past week we had 37 people attend our Blissful Bowl Gathering, 57 attend our 4 Agreements class of which 40 do not attend the church regularly, and in the last month have had 47 first time visitors to the Sunday service. 
    To bring this back to the 4 Agreements as we work the principles we set an intention. There will be challenges, old behaviors, limited thinking, and other considerations that will seem to pull us away from the practice. But, we stay the course, make corrections as needed, become more self aware and begin to see the fruits of our labor; more peace of mind, serenity, less drama and conflict. But, we first must set the intention to follow through with the practice.