The Power of Intention: Me and We

The Power of Intention is a vibrational energy in which our desires can be seen. When we take our desire into our hearts and prayers we are empowered with our higher self or creative power of the Universe and we let go and let God guide us to manifest our desire or something better. We have to be open to a greater possibility then we can imagine.  Growing up in Unity, I was taught to end all prayers with this or something better, as well as, in and through the power of the Christ.  Recently in our Unity Worldwide Board Retreat and Training, the keeper of the flame, Rev. Paulette Pipe, ended our sessions each day with God’s got this and all is well, and I like it. The phase reminds us we are not alone in our prayers or our lives. There is a focused energy in our thoughts and our prayers and force of the energy creates the movement be seen in the physical world.

When we pray together with intention a vibrational energy with magnified force occurs, and the desire manifested in the physical world. We still must believe and know the Truth, of the Source. When we live from the state of being one with the Source, adding a heart to heart connection with the desire, we know it is done. Today, science confirms through quantum frequencies our intention can shape our future or the past. “Prayer activate the creative energy of the Universe; intention sets the course.”

Enjoy your time in prayer with yourself, your prayer partner, your prayer group and the creative Universal force as we transform ourselves and the world.



Rev. Valerie Mansfield