The Power of Intention: The Me and/or We

It is a little different when you're singing to the empty pews. But we know that we're really singing to all those in their homes and we're sending you our love and light. So today we're continuing on the "Power of Prayer," which is our series.

We're also looking at the power of intention. Our own intention and then the intention of a group or the we, so for me and to we. It's really interesting when we align ourselves in the universe and we're open and willing to take a step through our own fears, through our own limitations and challenges, the world not only opens for us it also opens for others. The impact is a ripple effect. The impact of prayer is a ripple effect. And we know that is the truth. And now science has caught up with us. You know, we've been doing this in Unity for over 137 years. And when we center into that HeartSpace and we focus on our intention, we can transform our life. I've done it. I think everybody that is here is here today has done it. We practice and enhance our abilities to know and understand how the universal energy works and we use it for good. We joined together in that prayerful presence and we see that energy that we create rippling, expanding with that intention and with gratitude, our desires become manifested when we shift that invisible energy into visible and to the physical world and to that right action for not only ourselves, but for everyone.

Everything is energy. There's an invisible force in the universe which Jesus used and demonstrated on many, many times. There's a Bible quote that I actually saw yesterday on the tee shirt. My granddaughter now likes to wear larger t-shirts. She'll be seven. And so I had the "Jesus is my super power" t-shirt and she wanted it. And I said, okay, here you go. Well, there was this Bible verse on it that says more powerful than any force in the universe. Timothy 1:9- 10. That's what Jesus demonstrated, that there's a powerful force in the universe and it's more powerful than anything we can imagine. And it's ours to utilize if we envision it, set our intention and allow the universe to give us that good and take ourselves out of the limiting boxes. To live in the knowing of the universe and the knowing of the universe is a state of awareness. Being aware of what we're not aware of, and it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. There's such vastness to our universe and we know about an inkling of it. You know, maybe 1% of the power that's available to us. Jesus demonstrated some of it, but not all of it cause he told us we'll do greater things than he did.


Today's science tells us, and this is a quote from Lynne McTaggart who wrote the, "Power of Eight." And when she says this thought is a tangible energy that can have a physical impact on events and on living and nonliving things. Our consecutiveness implies our intentions are an energy force and can shape our world. Now, that's pretty powerful. And that's what Charles Fillmore taught in the late 1800's early 1900's and what we know today from science also is that these quantum frequencies that are out there make up our thought energy and that time and space have no impact that no matter on this. This is really important and it's important because of the invisible potential that each of us has and that we can bring into the visible reality world. The secret in this awareness is your awareness, your attitude and your desire to align with your higher self, that self that is within you, bringing harmony with the power of intent. So occasionally I'll pick up one of my mother's old series of books and I did it again recently. I was moving books, unpacking boxes cause we were going to move and all that stuff a century ago. And so I'm just not getting around to unpacking some of my books. And there was a series called the "Masters of the Far East."

It was written in the late 1800s through the 1920s and it's by Bard Spalding. And he wrote about an experiences that he and a group of men who visited what that he said, or the great masters of the Himalayans. The very first book starts out with him befriending a gentleman kind of on the street. And this gentleman knew things about him and his group that he had no way of really knowing, but he knew and he had made accommodations for this group before they even met. And that goes on the talk about how this gentleman used this master of the Himalaya, used the universal energy and knowing, shifting his own vibrational rate to move from his physical body and appear in another location and speak with the group. His physical body was left behind and it was documented by one of the group who had stayed behind to record what was happening in that location so that when he move with the bigger location, they would have the documentation. So this gentleman was physically here and was being recorded by the observer, and he also appeared and spoke before the group that had already moved on to the next location.

So think about that for a minute. Now we see it in Star Trek, right? Right. They bilocate from one planet to the next planet. Jesus did it right. He appeared before people. There is unlimited possibilities in this universe. If we're open and receptive and we don't go in the box. The box is limiting.

Now in this series, the masters here, they accept Buddha who represents the way of enlightenment. They also clearly set forth that the Christ consciousness is enlightenment or a state of consciousness for all that which we are seeking the Christ light of every individual, therefore the light of every child born into the world. That's exactly what we teach at Unity. We're all children of light and we all have that within us to do whatever it is we're here to do. We have to align ourselves with the universal energy and use it. Living in this vibrational rate of energy. All things are possible

There's a quote from Carlos Castaneda. "Intent is a force that exists." The universe when sorcerers, those who live from the source of the source back an intent. It comes to them and sets the path for attainment, which means that the sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do." So what is it that you want to set out to do? What is it that humanity right now has an opportunity to set out to do? This is not the first time we've been faced with a pandemic or a major impact on our economy. What is it that humanity desires at this moment in time?

One of the things may be a cure for Covid-19 you know, I hear a lot about a vaccination, right? Well, can we just cure it? Can we just let it go and know that every cell in our body is whole and healthy and then align with the divine energy in the world? I invite you to pray on that this week and in your prayer groups and with your prayer partners.

How about oneness of humanity? This is a prime time to become one and to let go of all of our greed, all of our hatred, all of that which no longer serves anyone and never really has not even those who are creating it. So let it go. Let's live in this state of intention together and know that a cure for Covid-19 or something better has already happened. It's already available to all of us, to all of humanity.

Let's remember that we are reminded by this virus that we are all one. Our actions affect each other as individuals and as a whole universe of humanity. One humanity. Well, see peace and let it prevail on this planet. Let us see every being whole and healthy living an abundant life. What would that be like if we had no transitional housing for homeless? I mean if you had enough for everybody had a home. Everybody had enough food. Everybody had enough money or whatever commodity it is that we're going to use in the future. I don't know we're going to do something different because there is no room for lack now or ever. It doesn't serve anybody and it doesn't serve the good in the universe. So we lived together as one with an awareness of abundance in all areas of our lives individually and collectively, cultivating and sharing love. Challenges are obsolete. The negative becomes obsolete. And then we get to use our creative manifest of powers for the good in the universe. What could life be like if we did that? When we rise up to the truth of the universe and know we are all free. We are all love. W Are all abundant. We all can utilize the same vibrational force to create a new life and a new world. I love you. I bless you. I behold the living Christ as you. Namaste.