The Power of Possibilities: Opening to the Infinite

We know what we know until we discover more information. The information is always available and unlimited and as we awaken to the divine inspiration, we choose to find it or not. It is our choice. We get to genuinely believe, in the power of prosperity, spiritual substance or not. Jesus called the field of infinite possibilities the Kingdom of Heaven.  He practiced the power of quantum physics to activate the creative power of energy when he feed the 5000, turned water into wine, healed the sick or raised the dead. He told us greater works than he if we believe.

We have the power to take all adverse situations and turn them into an ideal which is dormant in the human subconscious. Each of us can tap into the infinite possibilities and manifest good from the challenge. We are all seekers and what are we seeking, “the non-ordinary state of consciousness”. From this state of being we make our “quantum leap “creating the new reality. What desires do you want to manifest in the world? Are you ready to act with the infinite possibilities awaiting you, as you awaked to the Divine? A life filled with Love, Joy and Peace is unfolding for you right now as you pray.

On Thursday, May 21, the Re-Opening Committee will meet to discuss the results of the survey. As well as the new guidelines issued by the state to make the right and perfect discussion for our community.  We hold sacred space wherever we are, surrounding all beings in the radiant light of wholeness, seeing every cell and system in each being radiating life. We send waves of energetic love coupled with wisdom into the universe seeing humanity united in peace and Oneness.

Here are the links the Zoom Study Groups on the Power of Prayer and the weekly study guides.


Rev. Valerie Mansfield