The Power of Prayer Today and Every Day

Prayer is a powerful source of creation. As we become focused and intentional in our prayer’s thoughts and vibration change in our mind, body, and soul. This opens us to all the Good in the universe. We can change our lives, other’s lives as well as plant, animals, and Mother Earth.

Our current world requires intentional, peaceful prayer for equality and justice for all people. There is one Source called by many different names and we are One Humanity. Individually we are many colors and cultures, and this is good. This diversity is good, and we have an opportunity to learn, grow and raise our vibrational rate together healing our inner selves, the outer world, and the planet.

There is no mistake about us studying prayer over the last eight weeks. The universe guides us to what we all require on this journey.  During the next few week, months, years we see you continuing to develop your prayer life. Here is an opportunity to join together in prayer with other Unity communities, on Friday, June 26 7 pm to Saturday, June 27, 7 am. To sign up go to  Embrace Humanity Prayer Vigil.  Each Sunday you can join us online on Facebook for the 9 am Unity Prayer Service, or for the outdoor Unity Prayer Service at Unity of East Louisville at 6pm. Remember to bring your chair and wear a mask.  

Blessings to all the fathers and father figures in our lives. We give thanks for the masculine energy this Sunday and every day.


Rev Valerie Mansfield