The Power of Synchronicity: The Divine Sequence

The Power of Synchronicity: The Divine Sequence

Life is in the ebb and flow of universal thought. We are currently living in in a world of chaos. Darkness, which in Unity, we verbalize as ignorance is being unearth in our consciousness and the physical world. We must go within and find our right path to end the darkness in ourselves first then then model and mentor others on their paths to illumination. Humanity right now has an opportunity to stand up for justice and end all racism. We know it is the right time to end the inequalities. We are from the same Source and the color of our skin, our religious believes and cultures adds to the whole of humanity. Each of us has a story to tell and can benefit from honesty and integrity as we move through the process without degrading the decision and experiences of others. We grow, listen, and learn, from our relationship with our inner self and our relationships with our brothers and sisters.

We have the power to manifest a new world, a new system of justice, a new system of equality, for all people. We know our higher consciousness, the spiritual I Am, is calling us all to join for change. There is no doubt this is the right time for Divine Order, in our world. From the chaos and darkness, divine order shines lighting the way for Good.

We move forward though these revolutionary times taking the right action for the unfoldment of a new evolutionary process, for all people, living in Peace as Love or something better, than we can even imagine, for Love and Peace to prevail.

This Sunday, June 7, 2020 join us online as I talk about the Divine Sequence in our universe. Robbin Goodin will be leading us in song and Danette Rhoads, a local, violinist is our special musician.

Next Sunday, June 14, 2020, at 6 pm, Unity of East Louisville, will hold an outdoor service. Rev. Gwen and I will be there to lead the community in prayer and celebration of new way to be together in this time of change. Mask are required. Bring your own chair(s) or blanket. Parking will be in the lower lot and the service will be held in the upper lot with social distancing between families.


Rev. Valerie Mansfield