Power of Thought

This week we continue to explore the discipline and practice of Lent by exploring one of the key principles of Unity; the power of our thoughts. Unity’s 3rd principle teaches that "the external reality we experience with our five senses is not fixed but rather the results of the thoughts and feelings we hold." This is a simple statement but not an easy one to get a firm grasp of, at times. It certainly feels like things happen to me and that I did not have anything to do with it. I don't even know if its true that we call certain experiences to us through the power of our thoughts. 
      I believe most of this stuff is a mystery but that is what I like about Unity. It is very present oriented. I don't have to understand or even believe certain of the beliefs. I don't have to know or understand the source of an experience or feeling. What I need to do is stay present and make a decision about how I am to respond and how I want to move forward. This, for me, is the power of thought. I have the power to change my mind and think different thoughts. A Course in Miracles says "I have the power to have peace instead of this." I have the power of creative thinking and no matter what the experience or how it may have come into manifestation I have the power to shift my thinking. Circumstances do not control me but rather what I think about the circumstances does.